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Fun Factory Delight

snaking curves

When I first saw the Fun Factory DeLight back in 2008 it was instant love.  The curves. The words ‘medical grade silicone’.  The make-shift handle and easily accessible buttons. The variety of vibration settings, rechargeability, splash-proofness and discreet design. Not to mention the fact that it was made by one of my all time fave companies – Fun Factory (which is synonymous with quality). Everything about it screamed POTENTIALLY AMAZING G-SPOT STIMULATION… and yes, I just had to have it.

For as much as I lusted after it, dreaming of the day it would grace my vajayay with its presence, it always seemed to elude me. No matter how hard I worked, begged or pleaded, I just couldn’t seem to get my hands on it. I even saved up for it a few times over, only to find the retailer in question out of stock each time I was ready to buy (partially my fault for wanting a specific color).  And now, years later, when I’ve made peace with the fact that it would forever be ‘the one that got away‘, it falls into my lap with a simple “may I please have for a review“. Funny how life works sometimes. Fun Wares, my lady bits are very thankful.

professional packaging


Like all the products Fun Factory makes the packaging is professional, discreet, playful, quality and luxurious.  There’s nothing on it that’s tacky, rude or inappropriate, no naked ladies or gents and definitely nothing that would make you cringe. Instead of the typical and by that I mean cheap plastic clam shell design most intimate accessories come packed in, Fun Factory once again opted to use a sturdy box with a peek-a-boo window, silver and red shades, along with all the benefits and features laid out in a way that’s easy to find, attractive and simple to understand. Basically put, there’s no guess work with this company, what you see is what you get.

The Good

Good things come in oddly shaped, well designed and easy to maneuver packages. At least that’s how I see it with DeLight. Sure, it has a few little kinks that it could stand to have worked out, but for the most part, it’s got everything I want in a vibe and more.

  • It’s discreet,  very discreet. I mean look at it, there is no way you’d think that was a vibrator. Sure, it would likely draw attention due to the amazing colors and strange shape, but for the most part anyone that found it would be totally clueless to the fact you stuffed it in your whoo-ha. Yes, I did just call your vagina a ‘whoo-ha”.  Sue me.
  • It’s crafted out of 2 body safe materials, that together, lend themselves well to the design, making maneuvering the product easy, comfortable and surprisingly ergonomic – one is a smooth and supple, matte, phthalate and latex free silicone that’s totally body safe, hypoallergenic and hygienic (the fucshia colored insertable g-spot stimulator), the other,  a highly polished and hard ABS plastic that’s also non-porous, smooth, glossy and firm (the shiny black sides).  .
  • While I know this will be a downside for the ‘size queens’ reading, it’s much smaller than I imagined coming in at only 6″ in total length (that’s not measuring the whole length since it curves, but instead from top to bottom), with only 4″ being insertable. On that note, 4″ inches, and properly curved ones at that, are more than enough to hit the spot.  Having said that, it’s not meant for deep penetration or thrusting, instead being specifically designed for g-spot stimulation.  Sure, some will likely have to adjust, wiggle, rock or apply pressure to suit their body and personal needs, but for the most part it targets the area with an exceptionally high level of precision I’ve only experienced with a handful of products.
  • Although it’s not hitachi, leaf, or We-Vibe Touch strong, it still packs a bit of a punch, especially when fully charged. More than that, the vibrations can be felt through the entire body of the product. Sure, they tend to diminish the further you get from the area the motor is located, but for the most part you’re able to easily stimulate the entire vulva… we’re talking the clit, labia (big and small), vaginal opening, g-spot, everything! Quite a nice feature for those that like all over sensations.
  • It’s whisper quiet. Even on the highest setting. ‘Nuff said.
  • Maybe it was the way it was pictured online, or the way my silly brain works, but for some reason I never assumed any part of it was fully silicone, instead guessing a portion was coated in it. For many of you this won’t seem like a point worth mentioning, but where sex toys are concerned it makes a big difference.  Not only does it make the insertable end smooth and supple, slightly textured and velvety to the touch, it’s also highly flexible allowing it to move, shift and bend with you while also making insertion very comfortable. Amazing!
  • Okay, so this might not really be a serious selling point, but if you’re sick of the traditional pink, black, purples and weirdly colored pinky purples, DeLight comes in 6 different variations; baby rose/rose, india red/violet, white/orange, violet/violet, and the one I waited forever for blackberry/black. With all those options there’s definitely something for everyone. Unless you like green or blue, then you’re shit outta luck.
  • Since we all know how much I hate using batteries the fact that it’s rechargeable should come as no surprise. Not only does it save you money in the long run, along with the planet, it also gives you a much longer vibration life… without the fear of it dying before you reach a big “O”.
  • DeLight is designed with ease of use in mind; the way the curves fit the body, with the handle upright and buttons directly under the thumb (no matter what you’re doing or how you’re using it), operating it in the moment is a piece of cake… especially since your not fiddling around trying to find buttons that you can’t see or a dial that’s way out of reach. Long story short: it’s ergonomic in a way many other vibrators aren’t.
  • Last but not least, it’s fucking stunning! Well in my opinion anyways. Oh, and let me also ad that pretty much every time I pick it up or look at it, I think of this, Deee-groovy! Deee-gorgeous!! Which is pretty kick ass in it’s own way.

size comparison

bendy shaft


accessible buttons

Operating Instructions

When it comes to sex toys one of my biggest complaints is the fact that so many of them seem to require a degree of sorts to figure out how to operate them, and truthfully, I’m getting tired of it. I want my toys to be simple, easy to manipulate, and just as easy to figure out. If I get something and have to read an instruction manual, forget it. I just can’t be bothered. Fortunately most Fun Factory toys are pretty to the point, having minimal buttons and placing them in areas that are easily accessible when in the moment.

simple controls

DeLight is no exception, located on the top of the ‘handle’ are a “+” symbol, “-” symbol and the Fun Factory logo. To turn it on simply hold down the “+” button for 3 seconds and it quickly powers on, lighting up the logo and background with a red glow. To switch through the settings either press the “+” or “-” symbols, the “+” will increase the vibration and the “-” will lesson it, once on the highest setting just press the “+” button once more and it will jump through the various settings, to turn it off simply hold down the “-” button for 3 seconds and it should power down rather quickly.

For easy as it is to master there is one drawback, if you jump past the setting you like you have to cycle through them all over again since the “-” button doesn’t go backwards, instead jumping back to the steady vibration rather than a pattern.

As for the settings, you’ve got 5 to choose from including everything from pulsations, escalations, a random pulse/roller coaster, and a steady vibe. No matter what you’re looking for this quirky toy likely has it.

When it comes to recharging, place the circular charger over the small silver ‘dots’ (located on the back, just under the tip of the handle) and once magnetically connected, the charger will glow red.  Like the Yooo (another Fun Factory product), the charger will repel the connection unless it’s lined up correctly. With that in mind, make sure you place it on a flat surface where it won’t be disturbed – the connection tends to slip out of place, stopping the charge in the process (if at any time the glowing stops you’ll want to check for a disconnection – if it’s not disconnected, it’s stopped because it’s fully charged).

magnetic charger

The Bad

When it comes to things I don’t like about DeLight there are 4, though they aren’t that big of a deal – just things I think should be included so everyone is in the know:

  • The silicone end collects lint… but since almost every silicone toy does that, I’m not going to hold it against the DeLight specifically. I still hate that it does that though.
  • Depending on whether your g-spot sits shallow in the vaginal canal (closer to the opening) or a little farther back, the g-spot curve may or may not be right for you. If it’s shallow, you should be good. Otherwise, I’d suggest something like the G-Ki since trying to hit it may prove awkward.
  • Before I go on I just want to say that this isn’t necessarily an issue with the product, or something I don’t specifically dislike, though it is something I think would make it a whole bunch better: the upper portion of the product (i.e. the portion that touches your clitoris when tilted forward) doesn’t have an area that vibrates. Yes, you can feel the vibrations through the entire body of the vibe when it’s turned on, but for the most part they aren’t as strong as in the tip where the vibe is located. It might just be my opinion, but I personally think the addition of another vibrating area (where the vibrations were concentrated) would make the DeLight one hell of a dual stimulator. Sure it might mean more buttons, and maybe a bit of a thicker body, but if it means a better orgasm, I can deal with that.
  • The ‘extra bump’ designed to stimulate the clitoris is just stupid. Every friend I asked said there’s no way it would hit the area since theirs didn’t sit that low, if anything it would work better as a point of reference to know how deep the vibe is inserted. Survey says, “rename that portion”.


Care & Cleaning

You can easily clean it with a toy wipe or by washing with antibacterial soap and warm water. While it is splash-proof I wouldn’t suggest fully submerging it as there’s a chance you’d kill it. I’d also suggest sticking with a good water based lube since a silicone version would likely ruin it over time.

Final Verdict

Even though 4 years has gone by since I first spied it (which is a long time in sex toy years), my much anticipated DeLight hasn’t let me down, remaining innovative, luxurious and high tech, rather than outdated or old. To be honest, I think it was far ahead of its time, and only now other companies are starting to catch up.

To get more info, check out other products Fun Factory makes, or get your hands on a DeLight of your own, head over to Fun Wares (your lady bits will thank you for it!).


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