#WTFWednesday: Si-x Type F Sleeve

si-x type f sleeveEver wanted to know what it was like to have sex with a hot dog? Well, thanks to the Si-X Type f Sleeve you’re in luck. I mean really, who doesn’t want to bang something that’s all rubbery and sweaty from the microwave?

If the image to the left wasn’t enough to make you wonder what the fuck the deal was, there’s the one to the right. si-x-type-s-spreadMaybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but think someone must have had a thing for chewed up gum when they designed it. Yum?

No matter how I look at it I don’t see a vagina, nor anything else I’d want to stick my hypothetical dick in… it’s more like a slug with a gaping bum hole. Yes I went there. Look at it, how could I not!?

si-x-type-f-infoSpeaking of slugs, for those that were lucky enough to miss out on Biology class, and the horrific dissection of some poor dead creature that came with it, someone went to the liberty of slicing the Si-X Sleeve in half just so you could see its insides. #science

If all that didn’t make your dick traumatically retreat, there’s the pictures below to work with. The stretchy one isn’t too bad, comparatively speaking of course, as for the other…  I guess you need a penis to understand, because frankly, I just don’t get the weird hotdog water sports. *shrugs*


Oh hay, in case I forgot to mention, it also comes in black, grey, and white. You know, for those times when a pink hot dog/slug/worm just won’t cut it.

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