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Review: Intimate Organics Massage Oils

When I first got my hands on the flavored lubes by Intimate Organics I was rather surprised by the strong flavors and scents they offered, leaving me rather put off and questioning what the natural massage oils had to offer. To be honest, I was afraid I’d be once again disappointed in a company I really wanted to love. Fortunately I was very pleasantly surprised, finding them far more appealing then the lubricants.


Like all of the products within the Intimate Organics collection the packaging for the massage oils is professional, respectful, tasteful and attractive. There is nothing on them that could be construed as inappropriate or tacky and they maintain an air of maturity that’s very much lacking within the adult market of intimate accessories.

Each 4 oz bottle features a front sticker with the basic label and scent information, while the back offers usage instructions, ingredients and company info. It’s simple. It’s straight forward and there really isn’t much else to say about it. For a company that’s trying to be high end and tactful, they’re hitting the nail on the head.

The Good

As with all of the products created by the company, the ingredients are certified organic, free of harsh chemical fillers and aren’t tested on animals.  For someone like me, who has highly sensitive skin (that reacts to almost everything) I love the fact that I can use them without being left with a rash or skin that’s irritated, sore and raw.

Fortunately a little goes a very long way, as a quarter size amount covers an entire back nicely, saving you money in the long run (less reapplying means you run through it slower). Having said that, each of the oils within the collection is free of the sticky, slick or tacky sensation offered by many other products and glides on smooth, quickly spreading over the skin with ease.  It’s not gritty or thick, nor does it feel synthetic or slimy and once fully absorbed the skin is left soft, supple, highly moisturized and wonderfully scented with a tiny amount of sheen.

On that note, unlike the flavored lubricants, which I found to be overwhelming, heavy and mostly nauseatingly sweet, each of the massage oils is light, fragrant and very appealing. To be honest, I wish this was what they had gone for with the flavored lubes since each offered a perfectly delicate scent that just begs to be smelled.

Being that I’m someone who’s likes products to leave me scented after use, I was very impressed with how long the smell lasted, founding it rather nice to catch an unexpected whiff of the wonderful aromas offered by these massage oils.

Although I wouldn’t suggest it for internal use, it’s great for manual stimulation or to deliver a fantastic massage, especially since it allows the hands to glide over the skin with absolutely no drag or pulling. For those that like to think outside the box it’s also a nice addition to a relaxing bath (just pour a cap full in), and is surprisingly great when rubbed on pressure points to be used as a fragrance (I’ve done it quite often and am always complimented on my ”perfume”).

Ingredients: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Alsmot Oil), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Seed Oil), cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Parfum, Tocopheryl Acetate,

Relaxing – Lemon Grass & Coconut

If you want a scent that’s warm, light and wonderfully fragrant with hints of lemon and creamy coconut, this is definitely the one for you. Call me crazy but it reminds me of a lemon pastry fresh from the oven or a margarita that’s been blended with a diluted pina colada. Either way it’s decadent and exceptionally yummy.

There’s nothing about this oil that’s overwhelming or heavy, instead being delicate, zesty, clean and fresh, and while the lemon scent is definitely there it’s by no means acidic or bitter, smelling more like the filling you’d find in a lemon tart or a cool lemon sherbert. Having said that, I know that Lemon Grass can be pungent and slightly spicy, but this is more of an earthy and sweet scent.

As for the coconut, it’s warm, inviting, creamy and balmy with vanilla undertones that soothe and comfort. I’ve always been a fan of anything coconut and found that this did not disappoint.

Sensual – Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry

By far this is my favourite out of the three, with the scent being warm with heady chocolate notes and an undertone of berries or chocolate covered cherries. To me this smells like Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Cherry Garcia ice cream or a jelly donut coated in powdered sugar. It’s decadent and delicious, without being overpowering or sickly sweet, a far cry from the offerings of the flavored lubes (if the company is reading this you NEED to find a way to make this edible!).

Once rubbed into the skin the oil leaves a lingering scent of sweet berries and savory warmed nuts (not schweddy balls, that’s different), that’s musky (not musty), fresh, warm and inviting. Like the Lemon Grass and Coconut version it’s not at all overpowering or heavy, instead being light, airy and comforting.

I have no clue how they came up with this fragrance but I want to applaud the company for creating a scent that’s so unique and luxurious, while also capturing the scent of chocolate almost perfectly.

Energizing – Fresh Orange & Wild Ginger

Due to the pungent orange smell that instantly made me think of a citrus scented cleaner this was my least favorite of the three. Unfortunately I couldn’t really smell the ginger, and once the oil was rubbed in it left me smelling like furniture polish.

On that note, rather than being sweet and spicy or crisp and clean, which is what I expect from something that’s orange and ginger scented, the aroma was tangy, zesty, lemony, very fragrant and a little waxy. The only consolation for my disappointment is that the ‘cleaner’ scent isn’t headache inducing. That’s a good thing…right?

The Bad

When it comes to complaints I only have one: It’s not edible!  Not that I’d really expect it to be since it’s a massage oil, but with how great they smell it’s quite a tease.

*If the folks at the company are reading this you need to make edible versions. I don’t care if they’re lubes. I don’t care if they’re oils. I don’t care if they’re some kind of bizarre hybrid of the two. Just let me eat the damn stuff. M’kay?

Final Verdict

For as disappointed as I was in the flavored lubes created by Intimate Organics I’m doubly pleased with the massage oils. Not only are they everything I thought they would be, they’re far better quality than I’d expect for the price (between $8.00 – $15.00 depending on where you shop).  To be honest, they’re a steal. One you shouldn’t pass up.

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Review: Lelo Massage Oil

Ever since I got my first rechargeable vibe I’ve been a huge fan of Lelo (the company that made it). Over the years I’ve watched the company grow and create fantastic products like the highly acclaimed g-spot dildo Ella, sophisticated, luxurious and easy to use clitoral stimulator Alia and one of my fave dual vibes of all time- the Lelo Ina (check the review here). Not only are their products very forward thinking, but they’re also elegant, sleek, stunning and very much worth the high price tag. Having said that, if a high end well made and body safe luxury product is your object of desire, you’ll likely find it within their range of products.

It’s this love for the company that lead me to desperately want to try their line of Flickering Massage Oils, fortunately for me the wonderful and generous folks at Babeland obliged and put one in my hot little hands. To say I’m impressed with both Babeland (for providing it to review) and Lelo (for making such a kick ass product) would be an understatement, I’m thrilled!

The Goods

This fantastic massage oil comes respectfully packaged in a black box that has an image of the product on the front encircled in dark brown. The Lelo logo is found atop the box in metallic gold writing and the back contains the ingredients as well as a small description written in 5 different languages. There’s nothing on it that’s rude, inappropriate, tacky or sexist, instead it’s professional, discreet and looks like something you’d find in a high end department store rather than on an intimate accessory website (I’m surprised big chain retailers haven’t picked it up yet!).

The bottle is a thick black glass cylinder with metallic gold writing and a fun orange circular cap. To be honest, I thought it looked more like a high end perfume bottle than a massage oil. There is nothing on the bottle that’s rude, tacky or inappropriate; just the company logo, scent of the oil and copyright (written on the back).

Once the cap has been removed the golden pump spray dispenser can be depressed delivering a quick shot of their scented oil onto your hands, back or any other part of the body that needs some TLC. The scent of the Clove and Amber oil (the one I received) is warm, soft, comforting, musky, slightly spicy and very inviting, being neither too heavy nor too overpowering and something I think most could pull off. Having said that, I don’t know that I’d like to wear this in the summer (because it is a very warm scent rather than being fresh and light), but can very easily see myself rubbing some on and cuddling up the cooler fall and winter months.

*on two separate occasions I was asked what I was wearing and complimented on it. Though when your traveling up 32 floors in an elevator it’s usually rather close quarters.

Regarding the texture, the oil was rather thin and runny which allowed it to spread easily and leave my skin feeling wonderfully smooth and supple. It didn’t sting, burn or itch, nor did it irritate my sensitive skin, instead absorbing rather quickly and leaving only a lingering scent behind.

Warning: Massage oils are not meant to be used as lubes and can break down condoms along with possibly causing issues if used internally. If you want to give a massage make sure to wash your hands well before being intimate as lingering oil on the hands can cause damage to latex.

Ingredients: prunus armeniaca kernel oil (apricot), vitis vinfera oil (grape seed), simmondsia chinensis  seed oil (jojoba), perfume (benzyl benzoate, linalool, d-limonene), gold powder (mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, gold).

The Bad

While it absorbed quite well it did unfortunately leave me feeling slightly coated in product. Luckily it wasn’t anything I minded or felt I needed to wash off. I just felt a little oily, but it is an oil so that’s to be expected. Other than that the box claims that there is real 24k gold flakes in the oil that are meant to leave the skin radiant and luminous – maybe it was just me but other than a slight sheen (from the oil) my skin didn’t look any different.

Final Verdict

Having sensitive skin has led me to be very picky when it comes to massage oils, wanting one that’s not only gentle on my skin but also wonderfully scented and as close to all natural as possible, instead of being filled with tones of junk many other lesser brands seem to contain. Fortunately I was thoroughly impressed with the line of Flickering Touch Massage Oils and my love of Lelo remains (as does my respect for the company).

Whether it’s the Spicy Clove and Amber, Balsam Fir and Bergamont or Fresh Lily and Musk  I highly suggest you check out this line of massage oils. They’re definitely worth it!

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Review: Trust Massage Oil

trust massage oilAs someone that has extremely sensitive skin,  so bad that I can’t use most soaps, shampoos, conditioners, creams, body washes or “oils” without breaking out in a horrible rash, I’m going to start this review by saying that I think I may have just found my miracle product – Trust massage oil!

The Goods

I know toting it as a “miracle product” is a very big statement, however I stand behind that 110%.  Never have I found a product that treated my delicate skin so wonderfully;

  • I’ve used it after I shaved and it minimized the red bumps (don’t you just hate those?!) while also leaving my skin feeling soft, supple, moisturized and pampered.
  • Living in a part of the world that has a pretty cold climate often = very dry skin that flakes and itches like crazy. I can use Trust oil on my elbows, arms, legs and it instantly soothes my skin, yet doesn’t sting, burn or irritate, a problem I find with a lot of other “oils” I’ve used.
  • It’s fantastic for massages as it allows the hands/ to slide gently over the skin without any pulling or tugging.  Even better, it doesn’t leave you feeling oily, coated in product, slippery or sticky.
  • Speaking of pulling or tugging, it’s great for hand jobs and using as a lubricant during clitoral stimulation (just make sure that you’re not using it as a lube with condoms as they’ll break).
  • Last but not least, it’s great for taking care of your hands and nails. My biggest problem has always been that my nails split, break, peel and tear, yet ever since I began using it my nails haven’t split, cracked or peeled half as badly as they used to. #winning

Basically put, it’s quality made and you can feel the difference!


Trust massage oil comes packaged in a beautiful deep blue 10oz glass bottle. It’s professional, respectful and looks very high end. If I didn’t know better, I’d expect to see it on the shelf of major department stores and high end boutiques (Sephora etc).

There is nothing on the packaging that is rude, crude or embarrassing; just the ingredients, use suggestions, warning (do not use with latex etc) and where to go for more info (the website).

*side note: when I received my bottle of oil there was no extra packaging, instead it came wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure it didn’t break during transport. Eco friendly packaging for the win!

All Natural Ingredients

What makes the product so fantastic (for me) is the lack of parabens, petrochemicals, glycerin and preservatives. Instead, Trust only uses quality, organic, food grade and kosher ingredients like all natural Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil.

For those of you not in the know, there are numerous benefits to each of the ingredients:

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is a light, odorless natural oil derived from Italian grape seeds that’s suitable for all skin types. Because of it’s high amount of Linoleic Acid, it’s often used in beauty products for its anti-inflammatory and moisture retention properties. It’s also known to be a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from premature aging and is effective in fighting acne. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also great for helping to diminish stretch marks and does a fantastic job of moisturizing and repairing the delicate area around the eyes.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and minerals as it contains vitamin A, B1, B2, D and E, in addition to lethicin, beta-carotene and potassium, all of which are wonderful for skin rejuvenation. It has also been purported to provide moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing properties particularly for dehydrated, delicate, mature and sensitive skin.  It’s also great for relieving the extreme dryness and itching of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Avocado oil is purported to have a higher degree of penetration into the epidermis than most carrier oils thereby providing a moisturizing and softening affect on the skin. It is often used on dry or mature skin, people suffering from eczema, psoriasis or similar skin complaints. It is also used for to treat sun or climate damaged skin that is dehydrated and under nourished, as it is purported to help with the regeneration of the skin and softening of the tissue.

*information taken from the Trust website.

On that note, there is one thing missing that I almost expected in an oil – a smell. Very surprisingly there is no scent. Okay, fine, maybe a slight hint of something (oil?), but it’s not harsh, heavy, overwhelming, powdery or otherwise offensive and it doesn’t give me a headache. Matter of fact, unless you’re really looking for a scent, you wont find one. Of course you could add a few drops of your favorite organic aromatherapy oil to give it a scent, but for all intensive purposes it’s odorless and I like that.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like there were none. Seriously, I love this stuff!

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a multi purpose oil, one that’s made of all natural, organic, food grade, vegan, kosher ingredients and not filled with harsh chemicals that leave you feeling sticky, tacky, oily or coated in product, I suggest you stop looking and grab yourself a bottle of something every relationship needs – Trust – your body will thank you!

*The product regularly retails for $39.99 – however, and big thanks to the company for this, if you use code KARA SUTRA at the checkout you’ll only pay $29.97. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!!


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Review: Flavored Heating Massage Potion

Wickedly Sensual Massage Oil ReviewYears ago (when I worked in a brick and mortar adult novelty shop) there was a line of premium all natural massage oils that I loved!

I tried to sell them to everyone as I was convinced they were amazing – not only were they luxuriously packaged, easy to use, left you feeling soft and supple rather than oily or greasy and very affordably priced, but more importantly they were well made, derived from all natural ingredients and smelled amazing.

Now, 4 years later, I’m extremely excited to finally bring a newer line of products from the same brand to all of you.

The brand of products I’m speaking of is Wickedly Sensual (created by Exciting Products) – a Canadian manufacturer focused on creating affordable, premium, all natural products that taste/smell amazing and feel great.

With that in mind I want to send out a very, very big thank you to the folks at the company for sending 12 of their new products my way – 9 (every flavor!) from the Flavored Heating Massage Potion line and 4 (again, every flavor!) from their line of Heating Massage/Lubricant 2 in 1’s (available exclusively through Shoppers Drug Mart).

To say I’m a happy camper is a big under statement – I’m ecstatic!

For today’s review I’ll be covering the Flavored Heating Massage Potions as they are the ones I’ve had the most fun with…so far.

If there is one thing I can say about the packaging it’s that it’s extremely high end looking. The box is metallic silver, shaded with a hint of the color that corresponds with the flavor it’s associated with; raspberry is a light fuchsia, chocolate is light brown, tangerine is light orange and so forth.

There is nothing on the packaging that’s rude, crude or embarrassing. In fact, I personally think it’s quite the opposite. The packaging looks like something you’d find in a high end boutique catering to rich women who want the best skin creams, lotions and potions, rather than something you’d associate with sexuality or buy in an adult novelty store.

As for the containers, again they are reminiscent of a high end bottle of lotion or skin cream rather than something used to bring excitement between the  sheets; each bottle is crafted from a heavy plastic container (looks like glass) and filled to the brim with your favorite flavor. There’s nothing on the bottle to hint it’s something sexual – except for the cute little bat winged heart with the letter “W” in the center, a small clue that it might be meant for something naughty.

I’ll admit, one of the things I love about the bottle is the pump dispenser. Sure it may not seem like that big of a deal but considering the amount of products on the market with faulty lids, screw tops or open holes for dispensing (all of which limit the amount of control you have) this type of product seems like an innovation – no worries of spilling, accidental leakage or messes to clean up and definitely no worries about pouring out a lot when you only want a little.  To me, less waste and more control is always a good thing.

When it came to the “potion” (i.e. the liquid in the bottle) I was extremely excited to see that the level of quality remained the same as the previous products I had come to love; it’s not sticky, thick, slimy, gel like or tacky, doesn’t leave you feeling oily or greasy, goes on smooth, has no aftertaste, is light, gently warms when rubbed or blown and definitely leaves your skin feeling soft and supple – not to mention wonderfully but lightly scented.  More importantly, all the potions are hypo-allergenic, non staining, all natural (I’ll get to that in a minute) and latex safe!

*if you happen to get some left over on your hands then touch a latex condom, dental dam or female condom you don’t have to worry about possibly damaging it like you would with most other massage products/oils.

Flavorful Fun!

As for the flavors, I’m going to give two sides (mine and my partners) for one simple reason; when it comes to flavors or scents I think it’s good to have more than one opinion. Especially since scent/flavor is sometimes different to everyone.

*all of the potions are translucent with a hint of color – they’re non staining so the color is nothing to worry about. (To test them I put some on a white pillow case that was going in the wash just to see what would happen. Surprisingly, the marks actually washed out – clearly staying true to being non staining)

Whip My Cream/Vanilla (light yellow):

To me this didn’t taste or smell like vanilla. Not in a bad way, quite the contrary actually – it tasted better! If you’ve ever had a toasted marshmallow straight from the fire, still warm and ready to melt in your mouth well that would describe this to a T. To my partner this tasted like a caramel or butterscotch sundae topping, not too sweet or syrupy, just sweet enough. (This is definitely one of my personal faves!)

Kiss My Raspberry (light fuchsia/purple):

Both of us agreed on this one – it tasted like a sweet but tart “blue raspberry” Jolly Rancher candy. The taste was a little heavy but didn’t linger on the tongue which was nice. It wasn’t too sweet nor too tart, instead having a nice balance between the two. If you want to see what the flavor is like before buying just pick up a pack of Jolly Rancher candies and try it…I can guarantee you’ll be buying the potion once you do! (another fave of mine!!)

Pop My Bubblegum (light pink):

I’ll admit, I’ve never ever been a fan of bubblegum flavored anything. I don’t know why, it just always seemed to make me nauseated. Unfortunately for me (and my partner) this tasted exactly like bubblegum – not a necessarily a bad thing, especially for those of you that love the taste. In fact, if you like that kind of thing you’ll absolutely love this!

Spank My Mango (light greenish yellow):

When I first tasted it I didn’t get hit with mango per sé, instead I got fruity, sweet, slightly tart, rich and juicy. Then after tasting it a few more times I could really taste the flavor of a mango just before it’s fully ripe. As for my partner he said it tasted like “fruity candy” when asked what kind he said “the good kind”. I’ll take that to mean that he liked it.

Bang My Cherry (red):

Before tasting it I expected what you get from most Cherry flavored lotions – the familiar cough syrup flavor. Fortunately this tastes nothing like cough syrup; it’s light, sweet, a little tart, not at all syrupy, has no after taste and has a cherry candy taste. My partner said it tasted like “red Cool-aid” being that he loves the stuff I’ll again take it as a “like”.

Melt My Chocolate (almost translucent):

It smells like a cup of Hot Chocolate and tastes even better! It’s not too sweet or syrupy, instead tasting like a delectable chocolate topping you’d put on ice cream – without the heavy after taste or richness that can sometimes burn that back of your throat. It’s light, almost creamy, has a hint of hazelnut (to me anyways) and is definitely yummy. When I gave it to my partner he said it was “like a creamy, tasty ice cream sundae”, then asked if we could make martini’s with it. We tried, they tasted amazing!! (Our mutual fave!!)

Squeeze My Tangerine (light orange):

Next to the Bubblegum flavor this was my least favorite. It’s a little syrupy, kinda thick, slightly rich and tasted nothing like tangerines. If you’ve ever been to The Body Shop and smelled their Satsuma (Orange Pop) scented oil/soaps this is what the products would taste like if they were flavors. That said, it’s my fave scent for essential oil/perfume/home spray, so I loved the way the it smelled. My partner didn’t really like the way it tasted either, he said it tasted “like an orange cough candy that’s really trying to be orange” – I have no clue what that means.

Suck My Candy (light blue):

To be honest I’m not exactly sure what they were going for with this flavor, tasty candy floss? sugary sweet jelly bean? syrupy and rich cream soda? old fashioned mouth watering hard candy? Either way the product tasted like all of the above to me, while also tasting a bit like a white Mr.Freeze (which is supposed to be cream soda). As for my partner he said  “at first it tastes like Werther’s Originals, then I get toffee, then I get cream soda. I’m not sure what they’re going for but either way it’s sweet and sugary. I like it, but in small doses”. (In small doses one of my faves too!)

Pluck My Strawberry (light red):

Again, both of us got the flavor of Jolly Ranchers with this one. That said, it’s kind of a mix between watermelon (because it’s really juicy and mouth watering) and strawberry (light, fruity, sweet, delicate). The scent of this one is light, almost non existent – definitely not heavy, rich or syrupy, instead just a hint of candied berries. Like the Raspberry flavor, if you want to try before you buy just grab a pack of Jolly Rancher candies and pop a watermelon and strawberry one in your mouth at the same time. If you love the flavor, you’ll love this!!

Like I said earlier, the ingredients in the product are all natural and therefor shouldn’t do any harm. More importantly they’re safe to ingest and fortunately not full of chemicals like a lot of other flavored products on the market.

Ingredients:Vegetable Derived Glycerin (comprises approximately 90% of ingredients), distilled water, flavor, citric acid, color.

*if you’re someone who is prone to yeast infections I wouldn’t suggest these as a vaginal lube, just an amazing massage potion – which is what they are intended for anyways. That said, they are amazing for oral sex (blow jobs) and are completely latex safe (so you can perform a b.j. with a condom and not worry you’ll ruin it)

The Bad

In regard to things I didn’t like about the product, there really weren’t any. Sure it’s not something I would suggest as a lube, but then it’s a Massage Potion so I can’t really expect that from it.

On that note, when it comes to massaging I suggest that you don’t expect the same results you’d get from an oil – something that would make the surface area slick and easy to rub. Instead, these allow the hands to move over the area being massaged with ease, while slowly being absorbed by the skin as you rub. Sooner than later you’ll notice the product has completely disappeared and need to apply more – fortunately a little goes a long way, and with the pump dispensing a measured amount you never have to worry about using too much or going overboard.

*Since I have a serious “love on” for the product I thought I’d ask my partner what he thought just in case I missed something, this is what I got:

“Honestly, I like it more than I thought I would. They all – except for those two (Bubblegum/Tangerine) – taste amazing, they feel good and they don’t get sticky. You know me, I hate having lotion and sh*t on my body, it makes me feel gross and greasy, but this stuff wasn’t that bad. I actually didn’t even feel any residue. That’s a good thing right? Well, I think it is. Anyways, if you brought this home and pulled it out of that damn box of toys you have I wouldn’t freak out or say no, I’d probably welcome it. I think most people would feel like that, especially since it looks like it’s really expensive when it’s really not. It’s like an affordable luxury product – you can quote me on that.”

Final Verdict

To say I love the products is an understatement – I pretty much think they are amazing!

If you’re looking for a massage lotion/potion that doesn’t get sticky or tacky, definitely doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, slimy, oily or covered in goop, tastes amazing, is lightly scented so it’s not over powering, doesn’t stain, is hypo- allergenic, latex safe, affordable (only $18.35 for 100ml) and beautifully packaged then definitely try the Wickedly Sensual Flavored Heating Massage Potions. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

To purchase any of the flavors, sexual wellness products, massage tools or health and beauty items make sure to check out my online sex toy store where shopping is safe, discreet, easy and always affordable.

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