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Wickedly Sensual Fantasy Potion Giveaway/Contest

Thanks to the generous folks at Wickedly Sensual Fantasy I’ve got some very exciting news that I can’t wait to share with all of you, especially since it’s something I’ve never done before…

I’m holding my very first sponsored give-away and I couldn’t be more excited!!

What Can You Win?

Three lucky winners will get to choose 1 FREE product of their choice from either the Wickedly Sensual Fantasy Massage Potion or Wickedly Sensual Fantasy Pleasure Potion lines!

That’s right, if you win you get to try 1 product of your choice at absolutely no cost to you. With 13 flavors in total, you’ve got lots to choose from!!

*My personal faves from the Massage Potions are Melt My Chocolate, Whip My Cream, Kiss My Raspberries, Pluck My Strawberries and Suck My Candy. My faves from the Pleasure Potions are Strawberry Seduction and Sweet On You.


The contest will run from 12:00 am Friday, November 26th 2010, – 11:59 pm Friday, December 3rd 2010, giving you one full week to rack up as many entries as you can. Not to mention ending just in time for you to get your products before Christmas!

On Monday, December 5th 2010 I’ll announce the winners and contact them via email, at which time I will request that they provide the necessary forms of identification along with their mailing address for shipping.

How to Participate:

Entering is simple, and to give you even better odds of winning I’ve added more than one way to participate:

1.) Write a comment on either of the written reviews (links are below) stating which one you’d like to try and why? (5 entries, 1 per person, per review – 10 total)

*You can find the review for the Wickedly Sensual Massage Potions here.

*You can find the review for the Wickedly Sensual Pleasure Potions here.

2.) Write a comment on the video review (links are below) stating which one you’d like to try and why? (5 entries, 1 per person, per review – 10 total)

Link to the Wickedly Sensual Massage Potions video review here.

Link to the Wickedly Sensual Pleasure Potions video review here.

3.) Tweet about the contest – must include my @ name, a link to this page and the hashtag #wickedgiveaway (1 entry, 1 per day, per person – 7 total)

4.) Share the contest on Facebook (1 entry, 1 per day, per person – 7 total)

When the contest is over I’ll be collecting everyone’s entries and entering them in a random number generator. I think that’s the fairest and easiest way to determine a winner.

*To make it easier for me to keep track, make sure to come back to this page and write a comment letting me know how you’ve participated and where 🙂

The Rules:

*The contest/give-away is open to anyone 18 years of age or older (I don’t agree with it but I have to adhere to the laws 🙁 )

**If you win you must be able to provide (up to 2) copies of Government issued ID to verify your age. Any of the following are acceptable: Birth Certificate, Passport, Drivers License, Age of Majority Card, Military ID. (sorry guys, I have to cover my ass)

*The contest is open to everyone, however Free shipping is included for  US/Canadian winners only — international shipping must be paid by the winner.

Ready, Set, Go!!

The contest starts today so get out there and start racking up entries!

Good Luck Everyone!!

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Review: Bottle Rockets ~ Saturn

Bottle Rockets Saturn ReviewAsk anyone that’s looked online or stepped into a giant “toy store” and they’ll most likely agree, finding a good beginner toy isn’t easy.

In fact, it can be a rather daunting and overwhelming experience; not only is it often hard to find products that are “reasonably” priced while also being body safe*, but when you add being discreet, easy to use, powerful, quality made and waterproof to the list it’s damn near frustrating.

I know, I’ve been there.

Fortunately, there are lots of great products that have all of the above features and then some, you just need to know where to look.  Such is the case today with the fun little product I was recently sent from the folks at Eden Fantasys ~ Bottle Rockets Waterproof Saturn by Evolved Novelties.

Blast Off!

Bottle Rockets Saturn ReviewThe packaging is discreet, professional and in this case, absolutely adorable!! Seriously, I love it! 😀

Encased in a clear, bottle shaped, plastic holder sits a little vibe that’s likewise adorable. Although there is writing on the packaging stating the features and benefits, there is nothing that actually says what it is, or what it’s for. Thankfully there also aren’t any pictures of random naked folks in “compromising” positions or cleverly phrased words suggesting what it might be. All it says is “Bottle Rockets: Waterproof Saturn”, that’s it.

*Removing the product from the fun bottle casing is very simple: unscrew the bottom cap, tip the container and catch the vibe as it falls out.

When I first got my hands on Saturn I was rather surprised, for one simple reason; compared to what it looked like online it’s small, very small. To be honest, I was expecting a “full sized” (7”-8”) traditional vibe, not an adorably cute little 4 1/2″ incher. Fortunately this wasn’t something that disappointed me, instead I was very pleased as I instantly knew it would make a fantastic product for beginners!

*For most beginners size does matter, but not in the way you’d probably think. Rather than opting for 9” long monster dongs, the majority of beginners just want something small and discreet that they can hide away in a drawer or little box in the hopes that no one will ever find it. This vibe definitely fits that bill.

As for the stats, the pretty purple Saturn measures 4 1/2″” in total length, 3″ in circumference and is 3 1/4″ insertable. While it is a firm product (think hard plastic with no flexibility) it’s also velvety to the touch, light weight, fits comfortably in your hand, has a slight ribbing to offer more stimulation and its phthalate and latex free, making it perfectly body safe.

Operating it is extremely easy as there is only one button (located on the bottom) to worry about. Simply press the button once and it begins to vibrate at a gentle, if slightly strong purr. To turn it off press the button once more and it quickly powers down.

On that note, if you are someone that requires strong vibrations or intense stimulation to get off, this might not be the one for you. However, if you require a mild to moderate vibe, one that’s gentle, steady and has the ability to offer direct and targeted stimulation without being neither too strong nor too soft, you should most definitely enjoy this fun little vibe.

Aside from all the other fantastic features I love about the Saturn, the fact that it’s damn near whisper silent is a definite advantage. I’ll be honest, when I’ve received other inexpensive products I’ve found them to be loud, often sounding more like a tractor on it’s last legs than a simple little vibrator, definitely not the case with this one. While it does make noise (it is a vibrator after all) it’s nowhere near what other products I’ve been sent sound like.

*With all of that in mind, I personally think it’s an ideal product for most beginners, especially considering that many of the requests I get from newbies are for products that aren’t “crazy strong”, loud, giant in size or overwhelming in the power department.

Keeping with the idea that I think the Saturn would be great for beginners I’m going to suggest 2 ways I think its small size could be a definite advantage;

1.) Since it’s not so big that it would hurt, nor too small that you’d have to worry about going fishing for it, I think it would be a perfect sized vibe to help most beginners get used to the feeling of having something inside them (vaginally).  Of course it could be great to bring about pleasure if you wanted to use it that way, but I think insertion  would be best for those that haven’t yet engaged in sexual intercourse and are looking for something to train their body with, whether it be in an attempt to “stretch it out” or to simply get an idea of what to expect.

2.) If you don’t know what your personal likes and dislikes are when it comes to being stimulated externally, this is a perfect vibe to help you learn; you can use the tip of it for direct clitoral stimulation, gently slide it up and down your vulva paying attention to the areas that feel good, hold it within your inner labia and rhythmically grind on it or simply use it to taunt and tease your erogenous zones.

Better than Rocket Science!

One of the main drawbacks to affordable toys is the need for batteries, fortunately the Saturn only requires 1 AA battery to  power it. That said, you could buy a four pack of batteries and know that for the next little while you shouldn’t have to worry about not having a replacement if it dies in the heat of the moment.

Unlike a lot of other products that make battery changing a nail breaking, tooth chipping pain in the ass, changing batteries for the Saturn is very simple; unscrew the bottom cap, pop the battery in place, screw the cap back on and your done!

Since the product is waterproof you can very easily wash with mild soap and water, making sure to rinse it well. Dry it with a lint free cloth, place it back in the bottle case it came in (or wherever else you keep it) and it’s safe til  next time.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there was only one, and truthfully, I don’t even think it’s that big of a deal; it only has one speed of vibration. That’s it, that’s my complaint. When you consider all the other benefits and features the product has to offer this one little thing seems to pale in comparison.

Final Verdict

For a beginner product it’s pretty amazing! Seriously! Not only is it easy to use, light weight, discreet, body safe, water proof, whisper silent, moderately powerful, velvety to the touch and a comfortable little size, but it also comes discreetly packaged in an adorable little bottle shaped case – no one would know what it was even if they did find it!

If you’re new to toys and want to get your hands on a fantastic, not to mention adorable little vibe, I highly suggest you take a look at the Bottle Rockets Saturn or any of the other colorful and fun little vibes in the Bottle Rockets line.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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Review: Couture Collect Inspire

Couture Collection Inspire Review

Ever since I received my Hitachi Magic Wand I’ve felt the need to own and review every hand held massager I can get my hands on. So far I’ve managed to try 3 different products in the Fairy line (Fairy Mini Wand, Fairy Miniature, Fairy Pocket Mini), the Ideal by Natural Contours and with the recent package I received from California Exotics to review as one of their “Sexperts”, I finally got to try the Couture Collection Inspire.

To say I’m impressed is an understatement!

Unlike a lot of the packaging that California Exotics products come in this one is rather discreet, respectful and professional in appearance. There are no half naked men or women cavorting around, no suggestive statements or hints that could come across as “inappropriate” and definitely no other imagery that could be considered crass.

While the box it comes in could be very easily recycled, I think it could also be used as a make shift storage container as you could easily remove the insert and place the massager inside. Fortunately it’s large enough to hold the product, power adapter and even has some room left over for a small bottle of lube and/or condoms.

*In all fairness, every California Exotics product I’ve seen in the Couture Collection has been professional and discreet. I just wish they did that with more of their packaging.

The massager is made of a hard ABS plastic with PU Cote causing it to be both body safe and velvety to the touch.  In total length it measures 7.5” inches by 1.5” inches around, allowing it to be rather small and not too intimidating. The head is slightly flexible and looks to be about the size of a large golf ball, being neither too large nor too small.

Located on the head is a removable silicone cap that supposedly makes cleaning easier, however I would have much rather preferred they made the cap non removable as it’s just one more thing to have to worry about losing. Aside from that, once you remove the cap the internal design has many crevices and ridges where debris could get lodged which actually makes cleaning harder than it needs to be.

*also on that note, I can’t see a situation where anyone would use it without the cap so it just seems silly to take it off.

The handle of the Inspire graduates upward in size getting larger as you get closer to the head making it easy to hold onto as it fits comfortably in your hand. To my surprise it was rather light (especially compared to the Hitachi) and didn’t have much weight behind it.

*For those of you wondering why I’m mentioning the above; I’ve recently begun getting messages from women that are older in age who are just coming into their sexual exploration (better late than never) many of which having expressed that they have arthritis or other muscle/hand/wrist issues. I’ve also begun getting messages from others (men and women) who complained about having carpal tunnel that makes their wrists hurt after holding heavy objects for a prolonged amount of time (don’t pun that). As someone who also suffers from carpal tunnel I can completely understand the pain they feel and where they are coming from. With that in mind, I found the lightness of the Inspire to be both comfortable to hold and a refreshing change of pace from many other hand held massagers.

Operating the Inspire is extremely easy as there is only one button (located on the handle) to worry about; to turn it on simply press the button once, to increase the speed hold down the button and as you do, the Inspire will speed up. To turn it off just press the button one more time and it quickly shuts off.

When you first press the button the Inspire will begin vibrating at a low pitched rumble, holding it down for 5 seconds takes it to the next speed which is quite a bit faster and definitely stronger, another 5 seconds and it moves to a much faster vibration (almost hand numbing after 10 seconds), 5 more seconds and it goes up another notch (very intense) and finally another 5 seconds and your dealing with a speed that’s seriously extreme (my hand went numb in record time – though I’m not sure that’s a good thing lol).

*Unfortunately I’m not too sure if my experience is common as I can’t state how many speeds there actually are since it only goes up when you hold the button down. I think it would have been a much better design had they made it so that you had to keep pressing it for stronger speeds but I guess they had their reasons.

If there is one thing that did impress me about the Inspire it’s the high speed it gets up to, especially for those of you with nerve damage or in need of very, very strong vibrations to reach orgasm. While I may be someone who needs high vibes to get off, I found this way too strong on the highest setting, having to instead settle for something more in the lower to middle range.

For as strong as it is the volume of the Inspire it’s surprisingly not as loud as I would have expected. That’s not to say it’s quiet, because it’s not, it’s just not as loud as others I’ve tried. On that note, if you’re looking for a quiet hand held massager, one that wont be heard through a door or by people in the next room I’d suggest the Fairy Mini Wand or Fairy Pocket Mini over the Inspire.

While it is meant to be a hand held massager, you know, the kind for sore backs, shoulders, feet and other tired and aching muscles, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it in more creative and orgasm inducing ways 😉

  • *If you like clitoral stimulation during masturbation this would be a great product to try as it’s easy to use, comfortable to hold and has a range of speeds. I wouldn’t suggest inserting it vaginally or anally, it’s not made for that and could really hurt during removal.
  • *Because of its unique and small design it fits comfortably between partners during intercourse. With that in mind, for those of you that prefer positions like “doggy style” or “cow girl”, where there is more room to maneuver (since there isn’t a body on top of you), the Inspire can be used to directly target the clitoris by either partner.
  • *For those that enjoy teasing, taunting or torturing your partner with foreplay (in the good way and the bad) the Inspire could be very easily run over the erogenous zones to bring on a heightened level of arousal to your lover. Now add that insane high speed and you’ve got one hell of a “torture” device. (Reminder: if you engage in S&M play make sure you have a ‘safe word’ before starting and are listening to your partner should they need to say it.)

In regard to power, the massager runs on a 120/240 volt Power Adapter that plugs into the bottom of the wand eliminating the need for batteries. While I understand the need for something that can be easily removed from the wand (minimizing the possibility of a break in the internal connection which could ruin the product) I found that the connection came apart when any slight tugging occurred, quickly turning the Inspire off and ruining the moment.

*I think it might have been a better idea to make the product rechargeable where the charging occurred the entire time it was plugged in (meaning that it would charge while you used it). That way, even if it did become unplugged it wouldn’t be that big of a deal since the product would still keep going.

When it comes to lubes I would only suggest a good water based lube, especially considering the cap is made of silicone. I know I’ve said it a hundred times over but I’d rather have you be informed than make a mistake and ruin your product.

As for cleaning, since the product *isn’t* waterproof I would suggest you either wipe it down with a damp cloth then let it air dry, use a toy cleaning wipe to disinfect it or use your favorite brand of spray on toy cleaner.

The Bad

While there was much that I did like about the product, there were a few things that I didn’t;

1.) Maybe it’s just me but I think there should be a limit to how powerful the vibration on a product can be. Having said that, I do understand that for some women the need for an extremely powerful product is an absolute must (me being one of those women), but the Inspire just seems too much. Way too much. Even for me.

2.) Keeping in line with the issue listed above, the fact that you can’t go backward in speeds is a definite drawback as the only way to lessen the vibe is to turn it off and start all over again. To be honest, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass.

3.) While I love that you don’t need batteries, the fact that you have to plug it into the base of the wand, making it also easily removable, means that you run the risk of having the product stop should you thrust or pull in the slightest way. Again, it’s a pain in the ass.

4.) Even though I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, the fact that it’s not waterproof is a bit of a drawback.

5.) This is just a simple pet peeve from the perspective of someone who loses everything – the fact that the head cap is removable is just plain stupid. Seriously, it’s just one more thing to worry about losing, and considering the internal structure of the head has bumps, ridges and basically looks like something you wouldn’t want to use on it’s own, the cap is something you definitely won’t want to lose. They should have just made it a permanent fixture.

Final Verdict

While there are most definitely other and better options available when it comes to hand held massagers (Hitachi Magic Wand, Fairy Mini Wand, Fairy Pocket Mini being some of them) that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be automatically ruled out.

It’s light weight, body safe, easy to use, rather quiet compared to other wands and is extremely powerful (some of you might need that). It isn’t very big or overwhelming, doesn’t require batteries, has an easy off function, multiple speeds and is rather affordable. With all of that in mind I just couldn’t place it on my “unapproved” list, especially considering the positive reviews I heard from others regarding their experiences with it.

If you’d like more info or to purchase the product head over to my online sexual wellness store where shopping for discreet vibrators, hand held massagers and other quality sexual products is easy, safe, discreet, affordable and your privacy is always respected.

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First Time Sex Tips: For The Guys

Since most of the questions I’m commonly asked tend to be from those not yet sexually active, coming in the form of messages stating personal fears, worries, anxieties and misconceptions regarding the subject, I thought I’d write a series of articles to help guide my readers and viewers through their “first time”.

In the first article of this series I touched on the basics, including the decision about what type of contraception you’ll be using, getting products like a good lubes to help make the experience more pleasurable, the motivation behind the choice to be sexually active and making sure to have a person you can speak with, both before and after, who might be able to help and offer guidance should you need it.

For those of you jumping into the series, I highly suggest you go back and read the first article as it will possibly give you the insight you need to decide if having sex is something you’re really ready for.

As for this article, I’m going to be covering tips and suggestions I think every male should know before engaging in sexual activity, hopefully making the experience the best it can be for both of the parties involved.

*I’ll be covering first time suggestions for females next.

Getting Ready

No matter if you’re male, female or transgendered, I highly suggest masturbation before sexual activity. While this may seem like an attempt to keep you from having sex, nothing could be farther from the truth. To me, the act of masturbation can play an vital role in preparing you for your first sexual experience; helping you to learn about your likes and dislikes, giving you insight to how long you can “last” before ejaculating or having an orgasm (since they’re not the same thing), teach you about the type of stimulation you need to become aroused and maintain and erection (firm, soft, gentle, rough etc) and get you in touch with your body so that you can clearly relay everything you’ve learned to your partner. That said, if there is one thing I can’t stress enough it’s that communication is key to a good sexual experience – especially for the first time, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

tumblr_mpnkz1H5kv1rrlpmpo1_500No Glove, No Love!

While I brought up the issue of contraception and STD/STI protection in the first article, I want to touch on it again just to make sure you’ve got the bases covered and are well prepared to avoid any costly mistakes you may live to regret.

For Sex With Females: there are quite a few options when it comes to hetero sex; condoms, the female condom, birth control pill, diaphragm, IUD, the patch, contraceptive foam/spermicide and the sponge to name a few. Unfortunately when it comes to products females have to take/apply you don’t have much control over the proper application, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to ask about them. After all, you need to take your safety and well being into consideration too.

On that note, the best advice I can give is to make sure you’re personally prepared by carrying a condom at all times, learn to apply it properly, find a size that fits comfortably by a brand you trust and never second guess your best judgment. If you’re about to engage in a sexual activity and don’t have a method of protection available, just don’t do it. Trust me, this is advice you might be thanking me for later.

For Sex with Males: unfortunately the number of available products for male on male sex is limited with the condom and spermicide (not recommended) being the only options. While you may not have to worry about a possible pregnancy, you should always assume the person your with has an STD/STI until you know otherwise. Better safe than sorry.

tip: if you’re unsure about what size condom you should be buying, I created a condom size chart which might help.

Tips & Suggestions

Some of the most common worries I hear from males are that they won’t last long enough, aren’t “big enough”, that they’ll do it “wrong” and finally that they’ll somehow accidentally hurt their partner(s) while in the process of trying to bring pleasure. If you can relate to any of the above, don’t worry, what you’re experiencing is normal, natural and definitely to be expected.

In an attempt to help I’ve listed some tips and suggestions that I hope will build your level of confidence as well, give you some insight regarding what to expect your first time around.


For as simple as it may sound, being relaxed is probably one of the best pieces of advice I can give. When you’re relaxed your heart rate is lower, stress levels decrease, the mind becomes still, you have a better chance of becoming aroused and any anxiety you may be feeling will usually drift away. Sure, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but maintaining a sense of calm will go a long way for helping you achieve an erection, as well as maintaining one.

My suggestion: When trying to stay relaxed you may think of the old standby techniques like breathing, maintaining a sense of calm and going with the flow will have the best effect, and to a certain extent, you’re right. However, I personally think being prepared in every aspect will make the biggest difference when it comes to the big day/night or otherwise. If you know how to put on a condom, what your likes and dislikes are, what type of stimulation you and your partner prefer, what type of lube you’ll be using and have talked about all your fears or anxieties with someone you trust, that will go a long way for helping you stay calm in the heat of the moment as you’ll already know what to expect and not be so caught off guard.


As I said early in this article, communication is key. Not only can it make a big difference when it comes to easing tension, calming nerves, learning about each others preferences and erasing fears, but it also gives you the chance to talk about everything before it happens so that you know, each step of the way, whether what you’re doing is okay or if it’s going too far too fast.

My Suggestion: The suggestion here is actually very simple – talk to your partner about what your feeling/thinking and listen to their fears, concerns, questions and suggestions. While that part is very straight forward, being a good communicator also requires the ability to listen and hear what your partner is saying. If they tell you (in the moment) that what you’re doing hurts, is too fast, slow, deep, hard, soft, shallow, or otherwise – stop, listen to what they’re saying and ask what you could do differently. I know it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but listening to your partner can be the difference between pleasure and pain.

tip: if you’re partner says that they don’t want to do it anymore – even if it’s right in the middle – listen to them and stop. It’s the respectful thing to do. More than that, if you don’t it will more than likely classify as rape and place you in a situation you’ll likely live to regret.

Be Gentle

Rough, passionate sex is great, but pushing too far too fast is a whole other thing. In fact, most people would probably be surprised by the amount of messages I get from viewers saying they don’t like sex with their partner because “he just shoves it in”, or that their partner won’t have sex with them because they accidentally hurt them once. It’s a common mistake, one that can very easily be avoided.

My suggestion: I don’t know how else to say this other than – don’t just ram it in there! Yes, I do know how funny that may sound but it sadly happens far more often than I care to admit. To help make insertion easier I suggest helping to get your partner ready by using lots of lube, making sure there is enough foreplay for them to be aroused, and inserting something small first (with their permission) like a little dildo, vibrator, finger or other object that’s safe for use (if it’s for anal use make sure it has a base so it doesn’t get “lost”).

Once inserted don’t start thrusting it about, don’t poke or prod at them, and don’t act like your a doctor giving your partner an examination unless your role playing. Instead, just let the item your using sit in place so that your partner can get used to the feeling of having something inside, while also allowing the muscles to relax and possibly “stretch out” a bit. When your partner is ready you can remove the device and slowly try to insert yourself. If it doesn’t happen the first time you try don’t worry, it’s common, normal and happens to even the most sexually experienced folks. Time and patience are your friends here, not a forceful jamming. It’s like the old saying goes – “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.

tip: for those of you engaging in first time anal sex I wrote an article and created a video specifically covering the topic which you might find helpful.

Go Slow

Contrary to what most people think going fast and hard isn’t a requirement for “great sex”. In fact, it’s usually the exact opposite, especially if the person on the receiving end is a virgin as well. By going slow you give the person you’re having sex with the chance to get used to the feeling, without tensing up because they feel like their having sex with a jack rabbit on speed. While it may not seem like a very big deal, going slow can cause their muscles to relax and make penetration easier for both of you. not to mention possibly even bringing them to a heightened level of arousal in the process.

My suggestion: If you can, do your best to keep a steady rhythm going, one that is comfortable for both of you and feels good. If it’s too slow and not offering any stimulation slowly speed up, remembering to ask your partner every so often if it’s okay for them. Keep going until you find a speed that you both like and stick with it. Lastly, try to remember that you’re having sex with someone, not running a race. No one is going to clock you for the fastest time and it’s probably better if you don’t come first.

tumblr_mdta80tK9r1rol1w1Expect the Worst

While this might not seem that helpful I can guarantee that it is, especially considering that the worst thing you can think of may very well occur – what’s more, it’s normal, natural, common and for the most part happens to everyone. To help make my point let me just state that for every great “first time” story I’ve ever heard, there were at least anther 20 that were horrible, embarrassing or ended in a way that left one or both parties feeling like they “failed”. I know, it sucks.

My Suggestion: Be gentle with yourself, don’t take it too seriously and remember it’s your first time, not you’re hundredth. Just like riding a bike, learning to roller blade or playing a sport, being “good in bed” is something that comes with time, experience, learning, being open to change and willing to explore your opportunities. No matter how “perfect” you try to make it, I can almost guarantee something will go wrong. The more you expect that, the more able you’ll be in the moment to let it go, laugh it off, move on and not let it affect the moment.

Final Thoughts

No matter who you are your first time will most likely be scary, overwhelming, nerve wracking, exciting, intense and memorable. It’s supposed to be that way, it always has been.

Will you’re first time be what you expected? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time.

Will it be fantastic? Hopefully, though it seems first times rarely are.

Will it be something you always remember? I’d think so, which is why I suggest doing everything in your power to make it good, rather than something that left you wondering where you went wrong.

Sit back, relax, let me come to you! Sign up through the form below and my posts sent straight to you inbox. Don’t worry, I promise not to spam you.

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Review: Tantus Stroker XL

Next up in my list of male reviews is the Tantus Stroker XL, a non toxic, phthalate and latex free, hygienic, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and easy to care for male masturbation sleeve that’s made of ultra premium silicone.

For those of you not familiar with the company, Tantus is the manufacturer of such fantastic and forward thinking products like the Alumina Pace, Revolve, Flow and Motion, a line created out of body safe Aluminum. All of the parts within the line are interchangeable and very easy to use, allowing you to combine and explore to your hearts content. They also make some of the best, not to mention extremely safe, anal toys like the Little Flirt (I suggest it for all beginners), Small Ripple (beginner to moderate) and Tex (definitely for experts in anal play). And finally, if you’re looking for extremely high quality silicone dildos that are body safe, can be used vaginally or anally, are easy to use with some having the option of offering a vibration (by way of an insertable bullet) you don’t need to look any further – no matter what you’re looking for Tantus most likely makes it!

It’s because of the above benefits and features the company is known for that I was very excited to receive the Stroker XL, having both high standards for it and a preconceived notion of what to expect.

Fortunately I wasn’t disappointed – or should I say my “tester” wasn’t disappointed!


Like all of the products Tantus makes the packaging is professional, discreet, straight forward and highly informative. There are no naked individuals, pictures of genitals or “inappropriate” language. While it does say “dramatically enhance male masturbation” and “designed to simulate contractions” the writing is in an italic handwritten font making it something your eye doesn’t necessarily notice or drift to. Regardless of that, considering that the inside display is removable and something you could easily throw out it’s not that big of a deal.

*I suggest saving the plastic case for storing your Stroker when not in use.

The Good

As for the actual product; it’s slightly rigid while maintaining some flexibility, supple, slightly squishy, rather thick, externally soft and odorless, has a bit of weight to it and comes in an almost transparent white color. Internally there are 9 (3 sets of 3) soft and flexible ridges that protrude from the product, all designed to mimic a contraction of the vaginal or anal muscles during intercourse.

In regard to measurements the Stroker XL is 5″ in length by 2″ in width and has an internal tunnel (hole?) measuring about an inch. That said, if your dick measures 5 inches or under I would suggest the original Stroker which measures 4.5″ in length and 1.5″ in width. If you’re larger than that I would suggest the Stroker XL.

*don’t think that because of its shape and size you have to fully insert your penis, just insert what’s comfortable and works for you.

While I don’t think there is much explanation needed when it comes to using the product I’ll lay out the instructions just so no one gets confused: apply a thick coating of your favorite water-based lube, insert your erect penis and begin stroking. That’s it, it’s really that simple.

For those of you that want to get a bit more out of the experience I suggest that while stroking you adjust the tension of your grip from a light squeeze to a firm grasp, an action that will cause the internal ridges to tighten and release simulating an orgasmic contraction around your dick.

Tantus Stroker XL Internal View


Since I don’t have a penis duh, I was unfortunately not able to try the product myself (again with the penis envy), so I got one of my trusted “testers” to give it a go for me and tell me what he thought, this was his response:

When I asked what the thought of the product: “At first it was a little rigid and hard but I stretched it, even though you said not to, and it got a little more flexible. I know I’m no expert, but to me it seems like it’s not really enough to accommodate guys with bigger than average sized dicks (meaning girth). It’s very sturdy and resilient so no matter how rough I was I never worried about ripping or tearing it. You’ve given me stuff before and I’ve been afraid of ruining it, I didn’t think twice with this. Using it is a little different as well, the ridges are interesting, they don’t necessarily hurt but they did pulled on my foreskin a bit which made me nervous. I liked that I had control over the tension or tightness to a certain degree, when I squeezed hard it was tighter and when I let it go it kinda felt like a contraction, maybe, I’m still not sure about that claim but I will say it felt good. Clean up was very easy since I just washed it with soap and water.”

When I asked if there were any tips or pointers he’d suggest: “Yes, use lots of lube because if you don’t it can start to pull. Use it really gently at first just so your body can get used to the sensation and you can get a feel for whether or not you really need to tighten your grip and get yourself good and hard first, if you try to stick it in (your dick) before your hard it just feels weird *laughing*. This last suggestion might defeat the purpose of the tightness but I’d personally suggest stretching it out a few times with your hands before using it to jerk off”

*he meant stretching it to be wider, not necessarily longer.

When I asked if he’d recommend it: “Well, you could leave it lying around and not be too worried if someone found it. After all it doesn’t look like a butt hole or a vag. It’s sturdy and built to last. It doesn’t have a smell to it like other toys on the market. It’s very easy to use and with the exception of the pulling it did feel good. I guess I’d say yes, but I’d warn guys with a foreskin before hand that they need to use lots of lube and be gentle until they know what they’re doing”

Sounds reasonable enough to me.

Care & Cleaning

Since the it’s is made of silicone (and premium silicone at that) I would only suggest a good water based lube, if you use a silicone lube you run the risk of having it break down over time which would ruin it.  Yes I know I sound like a broken record on the lube front, but I’d rather make sure you’re all informed than have you use something you shouldn’t simply because I neglected to tell you.

As for cleaning nothing could be simpler, especially considering all the options available: you can bleach it, boil it, put it in the dishwasher, wash it with anti bacterial soap and rinse it well or simply spray it with toy cleaner.

*I would only suggest boiling products that are 100% silicone, not a mix of silicone and another substance as that would most likely ruin (melt or deform) them. To my knowledge there are only a few companies making products that can be boiled for complete sterilization and Tantus is one of them.

The Bad

Since I wasn’t able to try the product myself I asked my “tester’ what he thought, this was his response:

“It pulled on my foreskin and wasn’t as soft as I would have imagined. I liked that it was kinda rigid, but I would have preferred it be a little more soft and squishy. I know it might sound stupid but when I jerk off with something other than my hand I like for it to feel as close to the real thing as possible – pussies are usually soft, wet, cushy and have some give to them, this didn’t really feel that way. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just not what I expected. Sure the lube helped with the wetness but the rest I didn’t have much control over.”

As for my own personal dislikes regarding the product, it tends to collect lint, fluffy, string, dust, hair and anything else that it might come into contact with. On that note, I’d suggest you keep the plastic container it comes in (just throw out the paper insert) to ensure that you don’t have to wash it every time you want to use it.

Final Verdict

Considering the product is easy to use, hypo allergenic, hygienic, body safe, easy to care for and clean, made of premium grade silicone, built to last and very discreet I would definitely suggest it as something new for my male readers/viewers to try.

On that note, if you’re circumcised you should have a pretty good experience with it. However if your not, I would still suggest it, just make sure to use lots of lube, go gentle and be aware of the sensations at all times to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself by accident.

If you want more info on the product or to make a purchase of any of the fantastic products Tantus makes I suggest you either check out my website or the Tantus website where shopping is discreet, easy and affordable.

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