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Best & Worst Sex Toys ~ 2013

best-sex-toys-of-2013It’s that time of year again, when all the sex toy reviewers round up their fave products and list them in a ‘best of ’ post for all of you. I’ve done a few of these myself, offering up things I loved in 2010, and 2012 (2011 I was a lazy little bitch so that year didn’t get one), but this year I’m going to do things a little differently…

Rather than including just the things I reviewed in 2013, I’m going to list the products that continually served me well throughout the year, regardless of the year they were made, when I obtained them, or when they were first reviewed.

So here it is, for my last post of the year, on the last day of the year…

The Best & Worst Sex Toys of 2013!

FYI, the list isn’t in any order, just a compilation of my faves and not so faves as they came to me. Don’t pun that.

magic wand original1.) First up, the famous Hitachi Magic Wand, or as it’s now been stupidly renamed, the Magic Wand Original. This baby has served me well since the day it arrived on my doorstep back in 2011. The deep and rumbly vibrations are strong enough to get me off in just under 3 minutes. The cushioned head is beyond comfortable. Even when drunk it does what it’s supposed to. Sure, after a few libations it might take a tad longer than normal, but its never failed me and that’s what matters. As Epiphora said, “BRUTE STRENGTH”.  Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s my end all, be all. If you grab something in 2014, make it the Magic Wand.  It might be a little strong at first, but that’s nothing a layer of clothing can’t fix.

Watch my video review of the Hitachi Magic Wand.

doc johnson pocket rocket2.) One of the very first vibes I used and abused until it finally died after 3 years of mistreatment was the Pocket Rocket.  Convinced buying another would be a waste of money (struggling student, you know the drill), I opted to rely on old faithful… a set of fingers lubed with spit. A heavy masturbation session later, one that left my fingers cramped and clit rubbed raw, I realized just how useful my Pocket Rocket was. That was 8 years ago. If those were dog years it would be 45. Unreal.  It still travels with me every place I go (most recently Paris & London) and has a permanent spot in my nightstand. If I could go back in time I’d cunt punch myself for holding out on the $20 it cost to replace it. When it comes to cheap but reliable clit vibes, look no further than the Pocket Rocket.

Watch my video review of the Pocket Rocket.

WeVibe Touch3.) The We-Vibe Touch was another I loved until it died, though its sad death went the same as my Lelo Ina, at the murderous jaws of a teething puppy (rather than due to my overuse and carelessness). Like my Pocket Rocket, I debated buying a replacement, trying to find reasons I should hold off on spending the big bucks on such a thing… then I remembered how it felt in my hand, so comfortable, so sleek, with little to no cramping of the wrist and a silicone coating that was easy to grasp. And the vibrations, those lovely deep vibrations. If good orgasms were going to be a thing of my future, I needed another Touch. And so it was, my Touch was replaced and I haven’t looked back since.  2013 was a better year because of it.

Read my review of the We-Vibe Touch.

As far as insertable vibes go there were really only two I kept tucked in the bedside dresser the entire year round; the Lelo Gigi, and the Je Joue G-Ki, both for similar and different reasons.

lelo gigi4.) The Gigi is shaped like the Lelo Ella, targets the g-spot like few others, has decent enough vibrations to satisfy, is easy to operate, fully rechargeable, and is made of velvety smooth silicone. I use it most days when I want the Ella but need vibrations to get off. In 2014, I’m looking forward to the Gigi 2.

G-Ki5.) On the flip side, there’s the G-Ki. I’ve loved this thing since the day I first used it. The vibrations are a tad stronger than Gigi, it’s fully rechargeable, has a lovely seamless silicone coating, is easy to maneuver and operate, is ergonomic, and best of all – has 5 different positions that allow it to fit my bodies needs with the bend of a locking shaft. I’m sure something will eventually replace these two, but as far as 2013 goes, they were perfect.

Read my mini-eview of the Lelo Gigi.  Watch my review of the Je Joue G-Ki.

lelo ella6.) Nothing compares to the Lelo Ella when it comes to targeted g-spot stimulation (likely why I still love the Gigi so much). The curved but flattened head makes it perfect for direct pressure, and when gently rocked or thrust, hooks behind the g-spot adding another level of sensation. It’s even more perfect when I’ve got a vibe pressed on my clit. With the exception of my Bent Graduate, Ella is the only other toy I could count on to make me squirt. Also, the handle can be turned around and used as a basic dildo. Genius.

Read my mini-review of the Lelo Ella.

7. – 10.) Speaking of basic, for days I want something inserted but cant be bothered to make much of an effort, it doesn’t get better than the Fun Factory Amor, Babes ‘n Horny Kusama, Tantus Medium Silk, or Vixen Creations Tex. Yes that’s four, but to choose one over the others is nearly impossible. I love them all for very similar reasons; they’re crafted out of body safe silicone, are neither too big nor too small, insert effortlessly, have rounded bases so mounting is easy, are ridiculously comfortable once inserted, and best of all have little to no ridges or bumps so clean up is easy. If you want bare bones basic, each of these dildos has it in spades.

Fun Factory Amor Dildo Babes n Horny Kusama Tantus Medium Silk Vixen Creations Silicone Tex Dildo

Read my review of the Fun Factory Amor, Kusama, Medium Silk (coming 2014), and Vixskin Tex.

divine interventions virgin mary11.) There are other days when I want something a bit more fulfilling, something challenging and full of texture, something with weight behind it, taking orgasms to another level, leaving me worked over. For those days I grabbed the Divine Interventions Virgin Mary.  Crafted out of body safe silicone, Mary’s shape and design stimulates internally with every thrust, and the girth and length provide fullness without jabbing my bits. The base is a set of leg? balls? meh, so holding on, flipping around, and/or maneuvering is simple.  Sure, it’s a bit out of the ordinary and fairly sacrilegious, but I’m willing to withstand eternal damnation for something this good.

Review of the Divine Interventions Virgin Mary coming 2014. Read my review of the Diving Nun, it’s slightly larger, and almost as good as Mary.

Crystal Delights12.) There are many times throughout the year when decadence is necessary and only the best will do… as in the Crystal Delights Small Frosted or Clear Glass Plugs.  Both are handmade of Borosilicate glass, feel otherworldly once inside, are easy to care for, will last a lifetime, and with genuine Swarovski crystals embedded in the base, offer luxury most other butt plugs can’t.  Considering I failed at cramming things in my butt like hoped this year, these made my ass feel like it had done something very special, every time.

Watch my video review of the Crystal Delights Clear Glass Plugs.  Read my review of the Crystal Delights Frosted Glass Plug.

liberator fascinator shag throe

13.) If you read about it in my 2012 list (it was #8), I don’t know what else there is I can say about the Liberator Fascinator Throe that I haven’t said already. It’s still holding up like new, hasn’t leaked once, still travels with me most places, and is something everyone should have. Like literally EVERYONE. Okay, so this isn’t a ‘sex toy‘ per se, but over the last 2 years I’ve used it almost every time I’ve diddled or had sex. That’s a big deal. Like I said, EVERYONE. SHOULD. HAVE. ONE.

Read my review of the Liberator Fascintaor Throe.

Honorable Mention

There were a few other products I used, though not with the same amount of loyalty or frequency as the others, leading them to end the year with an honorable mention rather than a spot in my Top 13.

Tantus MeteoriteI kept telling myself 2013 was going to be the year of full out assault, however it took me until December to try a few new things. Even then I wasn’t overly impressed with myself. Five toys in yer butt (separately of course) does not an epic year make. When I did finally get around to it I was lucky enough to have the Tantus Meteorite. It’s like a finger but thinner, significantly more bendy, not at all overwhelming, easy to insert, has a better base than you’ll find on most, and looks like what would happen if Fruit Loops and Original Life Savers birthed a sex toy.  Awesome! If there was one new find I’m grateful for this past year, it’s the Meteorite.

Read my review of the Tantus Meteorite.

tantus neoThe Tantus Neo is another plug that appeared at the end of the year, though in reality it arrived much sooner… the box it was in got tucked away with a bunch of Christmas decorations, only to be found as the season rolled around. Yes, I suck. And yes, I misplace sex toys ALL. THE. TIME. Even though it’s a little larger than I’m used to, it’s totally doable, and with the right amount of prepping is surprisingly comfortable. I’ve only used it a handful of times so far, but if 2014 is the year my ass gets a good work out, I think it might just end up one of my favorite butt toys.

Review of the Tantus Neo coming 2014.

Things That Left Me Disappointed

rockbox-orgasm-machine-e1354145962447I hated this piece of junk in 2012, and I still hate it now. It’s a serious space hog, and although it is powerful, it’s also fucking awkward and useless. If I had my way the Rock Box would be pitched off a balcony from the highest floor and smashed to bits.  Stupid Rock Box IS STILL STUPID. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

*to be honest, I’ve only held onto it so I could make two videos; one of me bashing it in a review, the other of me taking a bat to it. Seriously. I’m gonna go all Office Space on this bitch. It will be EPIC.

Read my review of the stupid piece of shit Rock Box.

Tantus TRexThe Tantus T-Rex is the only dildo I’ve held onto in the hopes my vag will accept it willing (rather than while sauced on decent Tequila). I’m not sure what got the idea in my head, but I was certain 2013 would be the year I’d finally own this beast… sadly it just didn’t happen. So yes, I’m still disappointed. Though that’s more with myself then what Tantus has offered up. For all intense and purposes, it’s a work of art that most size queens would drool over. A size queen I am not. Vagina, you disappoint me.

Read my review of the Tantus T-Rex.

lelo IdaI often wonder what the fuck Lelo was thinking when they created Ida.  A twirling internal vibrator I understand. Couples vibes I understand. Remote controls I understand. Most of what Lelo does I understand. But this weird combination of all of the above, I don’t.  It’s not that comfortable, tears condoms to pieces, is not easy to get the hang of without a manual, isn’t very powerful, and it’s not shaped right for clitoral stimulation. All I have to say is, Lelo, please go back to the drawing board and make this pain in the ass better. Thanks.

Read my review of the Lelo Ida.

we-vibe thrillWith the love I have for We-Vibe, Thrill was a product I had really high hopes for. Yes, it got me off. Yes, it was relatively easy to use. And yes, a company I respect created it. But the vibrations leave much to be desired, and the design just wasn’t up to par. Lets just say that after a few more goes with it I was unimpressed.

Read my review of the We-Vibe Thrill.

So there you have it, my best and worst sex toys of 2013! Hopefully between this and my other yearly lists you’ll be able to find something worth your hard earned cash, and if you’re left wondering, remember you can always use my contact form to ask any questions you might have.

Also, now’s a really good time to start looking for sex toy deals and discounts, especially since many retailers are looking to unload back stocked items. Need help with where to start, check my sex toy sale page.

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Sex Toy Review Bloghop Contest & Giveaway

Hey guys, in case you haven’t seen it yet Sexuality Sanctuary, Beck and her kinks, Kink etc,, Insatiable Desire, Heavens Playground, Kinky Biker Mom, Fun with Sammi, GRITS reviews, Novelties toys meets girl, The Redhead Bedhead and I have a gigantic Sex Toy Review Bloghop Contest and Giveaway going on!

Yes, it is both a contest AND a giveaway!

In response to reader feedback we have come up with not only the usual rafflecopter form to win fantastic toys, but also a contest that requires participation, ’cause you know some people like that kinda thing.

So this is how it works: the lettered banners below link to each of the sex toy review sites participating in the blog hop. Below that, each of the numbered pictures belong to the reviews on one of those blogs. Your challenge is to see if you can identify which picture belongs to which blog.  Easy peasy!

For those that need a little extra help, there’s various ways to find what picture belongs to whom: you could read and/or watch all of our reviews, you could check out our toy boxes, look through our posts for comments on favourites, scroll through our online pictures, check rss feeds…

The prizes are huge! Tantus, Rare Assembly, TTamage from Etsy, SexToysCanada and Cleis Press have all donated great products we’re sure you’ll all love. But that’s not all… each of us have also donated toys! There’s vibes, dildos, DVD’s, and lingerie, from companies like Jopen, Cal X, Fun Factory, Pipedream, Evolved, Maia, Tantus, Ninnworx, Leg Avenue, and Durex, to name a few.

There are also a few bonus questions offering opportunities for you win EVEN MORE! For each please decide which question applies to which blog and comment either under this post or on the appropriate review with the hashtag #bloghop and you’ll get the chance to win special prize straight from the blogger herself!

The Rafflecopter is still available for those who don’t have time for the #bloghop contest and includes a prize pack consisting of a vibe, a dildo, a book, bondage bow, and condoms.

You’ve got til January 31st to get your entries in, so let’s get to it!

Stay tuned to NSFW Giveaways on facebook and @NSFWgiveaways for pictures of prizes.

Blog Banners:

A:20131207-163309.jpg B:20131207-151556.jpg C:blogrollbutton
E:20131207-151518.jpg F:20131207-151509.jpg
G:20131207-152301.jpg H:eeccbdc8-1443-42d5-b917-89a1fccd8e2c_zps28b4059d I:reviews
J: 20131207-151540.jpg K:20131207-151605.jpg L:banner200x200


01:20131208-161340.jpg 02:20131208-170453.jpg 03:20131208-162144.jpg
04:20131214-010150.jpg 05:20131208-161500.jpg 06:20131208-161418.jpg
07:20131207-151442.jpg 08:20131213-032817.jpg 09:20131213-033558.jpg

10:20131214-010128.jpg 11:favorites 12:20131215-031011.jpg

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Sponsors: Cleiss Press Rare Assembly bondage bow Ttamage

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Become a Sex Toy Reviewer – Part 6 – Vlogging Tips & Suggestions

To finish up my 3 part series on vlogging and blogging, as brought on by a bunch of twitter DM’s from Pantophile Panic, I offer you this; a shit tonne of my vlogging tips and suggestions.  May they serve you well.

Here’s the first part in the vlogging vs blogging series composed of 9 Q&A’s.
The second part, filled with another 9 Q&A’s, can be found here.

As for the question that got it all started…


Twitter DM Pantophile Panic Kara_Sutra

Oh, geez. I have so many… too many probably. I could blurt them all out in my usual fashion, but I think breaking things down to cover the internet, all the cons, and filming tips, would probably serve you best. With that said and done, let’s wrap this baby up!

On The Internets:

  • First and foremost, don’t entrust all of your content to a site, whether it be YouTube, WordPress, Vimeo or otherwise. I’d suggest using YouTube to host your videos online (specifically YouTube, the reach is invaluable), and using another that’s far more sex friendly to embed the videos on your website. That way if some dipshit decides to flag and remove them it wont affect your websites content.
  • On that note, buy a USB flash drive and use it often. When I started 6 years ago I was naive and didn’t think I’d need one, suffice to say many of my original videos weren’t saved anywhere other than YouTube… so when they shut me down (we’ll get into that later) I had no copies of my own. If I could go back in time I’d pelt myself with Belladonnas Bitch Fist for that. HARD. I’ve learned a lot since then.
  • It can’t be denied, YouTube is the one of the best sites when trying to extend your reach. Use it to its full advantage; include links to your blog, social media profiles, and other related material in the description box. And don’t forget to add tags and annotations. These are by far the most under used and easiest to employ elements of the site.
  • With over 100 hrs of video uploaded to YouTube every minute it’s harder than ever to build a loyal following and get noticed, as such don’t let low video views be a determining or demotivating factor in your worth as a content creator or reviewer, and don’t expect overnight ‘success’ with the first video you put up. Make videos because you have a passion for it and want to change things for the better, not to get rich or be famous. Sure, Bieber did it. You likely wont. #pessimist #truth
  • The more videos you make the more likely your stuff will show up in YouTube searches and be seen, remember that if you’re trying to build a following. On that note, create playlists and set up your account so videos link to the playlist. It not only ensures your content stays visible, it makes sourcing it easy and automatic.
  • Try to post videos regularly, i.e. once a week or bi-weekly. It’ll help keep your content fresh, give everyone a chance to catch up on anything they’ve missed, and give your a viewers a schedule to follow. If they know you post often, they’ll keep checking back.
  • If you opt to make videos weekly, do your best not to burn out. There was a point where I was doing 3 videos a week. I think it broke my brain… and vagina.
  • Share your video across social bookmarking sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon, work your social networks like Twitter and Facebook to the best of their ability, and do your best to find that happy medium between ‘spamming’ people and sharing content. Because twitter streams tend to update quickly you can probably get away with posting a video a couple times a day, however on Facebook that shit just wont fly.
  • After about a week, embed the video on your site and go through the process of sharing it again. It’ll help draw more traffic to both your video and website.
  • If you choose to use YouTube, and I think you should, you can easily employ a ‘subscribe’ widget to your blog that allows people to subscribe to your channel without having to leave your website. The peeps at YouTube are some clever little s.o.b’s.


On the Negatives:

  • Keep in mind that once you put yourself out there, what you do can be found by anyone. at anytime. anywhere. Family can find out what you do. Friends can find out what you do. Partners can find out what you do. Your arch nemesis can find out what you do. Potential employers can find out what you do. Even if it was something you did, but don’t do any longer, it doesn’t matter. There is no total delete button for the internet. Be sure before you make the decision to go ‘public’.
  • You will likely be inundated w/ more questions than you have time to answer (specific to YouTube). People might even get shitty with you simply because you didn’t answer quickly enough. My suggestion; craft up a reply that can be cut and pasted to let them know you’ll get back when you can. If that’s not enough, state in your videos that you wont be taking questions unless it’s through your websites contact form. If all else fails, avoid your inbox like the plague. Crappy I know, but your sanity is important.
  • Depending on the content your creating, you may get shut down. I’m far too well versed with this one. Learn to take it personally and be proud. Obviously something you’re doing is pushing boundaries. That’s not a bad thing. Ducky DooLittle taught me that. She is a legend.
  • If you don’t already have one, develop a thick skin. People can be very mean when they don’t have to be held accountable for their words.
  • Just remember, your safety and well being are important. If at any time you feel threatened or targeted you have every right to report it… or you could always call on your many online supporters to act like sex positive warriors and fight for you (I’m only half kidding on that one, not really. #bringonthetroops).
  • Since I’m on the topic of trolls, you might want to set your account so comments can only be posted with your approval. To do this select from within your YouTube account Video Manager> Edit (the video you’re selecting)>Advance Settings>Check ‘Allow Comments’>From the Drop Down Menu ‘Approved’>Save. Done and done.
  • Make very good friends with the concept of blocking and deleting. It will serve you well.


On Filming:

  • Write point form notes or simple cue cards of everything you want to cover, they’ll come in handy when you lose your train of thought. And you will lose your train of thought eventually. If you can manage it, take the time to write yourself a script, just make sure that if you do this it doesn’t sound like you’re reading one when you’re filming. That shit’s just tacky.
  • If you think you can film an entire review in one shot, do it. Otherwise try to film it in segments, it’ll make editing much easier.
  • Instead of spending a lot of money on a new camera try playing with the lighting in the room or settings on the camera. Sometimes being in a brighter or darker environment can make a world of difference when it comes to the quality of your output. You can also go the route of learning these 5 tips for beginner vlogging with a DSLR camera, but in most cases you’ll likely have a simple digital camera, so that’s just unnecessary until you’re ready to graduate up.
  • I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve gone to film only to have my camera battery die half way through. Make sure everything is ready before you film i.e. camera and product are both fully charged (if it’s a vibe etc), with back up batteries near by just in case.
  • If you don’t have a camera with a swiveling flip screen (so you can watch as you film) prop a mirror behind the camera so you can test angles, see if you’re centered, and check what works best. If a mirror doesn’t work for you, try hooking your camera up to a monitor or tv so you can view the live feed. Here’s how to do that (scroll down to “Composite”).
  • Do yourself a favor and learn to work with a timer. Maybe for you it will be different, but since I talk a lot I tend to go way past a 10 minute mark without trying. This leads to more editing. More cutting. More deleting. More work. If you can keep your content between 8 – 10 mins, you’re good. Otherwise plan for a lot of unnecessary wasted time.
  • Remember that each video you make is likely going to take much longer than you think; between scripting or crafting notes, filming, editing, uploading to a site, embedding to your blog, and linking through social media outlets, each 5 minute video will likely take many hours to from start to finish. That’s a lot time spent on something that sometimes nets no payout. Again, do it because you love it, not because you want to get rich.
  • Be patient with yourself and know that you’re going to fuck up. Seriously. Once you make peace with that and learn to laugh at your mistakes you’ll be fine. They do make for some pretty hilar blooper videos.
  • Most importantly be real, be honest, and be yourself. That will carry a lot of weight in whether or not people choose to follow or subscribe to your videos.

And done.

So that wraps up this lil 3 parter covering Vlogging vs Blogging! A big thanks goes out to Pantophile Panic for reaching out and asking a shit tonne of great questions, here’s her website here. If you still haven’t read it, hit up her post on the dangers of toxic jelly sex toys. It’s a doozy.

Want to follow the entire series? Find it here:


Want to stay up to date with the new reviews? Just sign up for an email update through the form below!

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Review: Tantus Meteorite Butt Plug

Tantus Meteorite Butt PlugFor as willing as I am, my foray into butt play hasn’t been easy; instead of accepting toys readily some part of me seems to reject them.

It’s not that I don’t like the sensation, or that I’m grossed out. It’s not that I have a mental hang up when it comes to anal play. It’s not even that I’m afraid it’ll hurt, nine and a half times out of ten it doesn’t. In all honesty, I really don’t know what the deal is. I just know that initially there’s an invisible wall between my butt and toys that I struggle to get past.  I do ‘get there’ eventually, but it’s usually a lengthy process.

Not surprisingly, where plugs and probes are concerned, I tend to err on the side of small and silicone. I don’t attempt to cram things in my body before I’m ready. I don’t expose myself to unreasonable challenges hoping for a miracle. And although I enjoy the full feeling I get from small Crystal Delights glass plugs, I tend to reserve them for special occasions used only after I’ve worked myself up from something else.

This time, I went straight to the Meteorite. No prepping. No long and drawn out relaxation techniques. No pre-inserted toys just for good measure. No fingers. No foreplay. Just me and the Meteorite, ass to plug in a game of win, lose, or draw. Like they say, go big or go home.

The Good

Armed with a half empty bottle of Sliquid H2O, a big glass of Cab Merlot, a steady hand, some new found determination, and the Meteorite, I settled in ready for a challenge.

From the start everything was far better than I expected; the lube flowed, my butt agreed, and the Meteorite entered. It wasn’t scary or overwhelming. My body didn’t tense like usual. Finding the hole was quick and easy (yep, I’m going there). Getting it in was a breeze. And once in place, felt extremely comfortable.  This was by no means a ‘typical’ experience for me, quite the opposite actually.

Of course I can’t take all the credit, the benefits and features the Meteorite has to offer had a lot to do with my success.

First and foremost, the size was perfect for my body. Measuring 5″ in total length, with 4.5″ of that being fully insertable, it’s neither too big, nor too small.  And while it’s the second longest I’ve tried to date (I know, I’m a puss), it felt considerably smaller.  If you’ve ever stuffed something a little too long in your butt, only to be met with a feeling of being internally prodded, you’ll likely know what I’m talking about. Not the case with the Meteorite. I felt it, but it wasn’t overwhelming, painful, or obtrusive.

Regarding girth, the shaft starts with a gently rounded tapered tip that’s 1.25″ around, gradually progresses just below the middle to 3.25″, then decreases to 2.75″. Like the length, the body isn’t overly large or intimidating, and even at its thickest was still narrow enough to fit nicely without feeling like I was being ‘stretched out’.  I found it similar to a middle finger, just not a dainty one.

Tantus Meteorite Butt PlugAdding to the experience was a very flexible, smooth, squishy and supple silicone body. For most this wont seem like something that would make much of a difference, but anytime I gyrated it moved with me. This is a good thing. No matter what position or how I shifted weight, using it remained exceptionally comfortable

Of the things I dislike about many butt toys, the typical round base is the one that irks me most.  Sure, they makes them wearable in harnesses and work well at keeping them in my butt, but other than that I find them annoying. For the most part, they make my ass cheeks feel like they’re being spread far and wide. Not only is this uncomfortable, it leaves me feeling a tad exposed. Thankfully the base on the Meteorite is rectangular and not too wide so it fits nicely in my crack without being awkward, a vast improvement from others. It’s even thinner than the Lil flirt. #winning

As far as appearances go, with the exception of the glittery Vixen Creations Buddy, the shading options you’ll find at Babes ‘n Horny, the capsule pill like plugs BS is Nice creates, the stunning Swarovski beauties Crystal Delights designs, or the ones Ceramix makes, Meteorite is probably one of the most attractive around.  Each of the 3 opaque colors stands out beautifully on its own, then gently blends a light lime green, neonish orange and pretty florescent purply pink in a cool subtly ombre effect. Also, the opaque sheen makes it look like it has a layer of crushed sparkles covering it. I tried to take a picture to show you all (above right), but sadly my camera does not do it justice. Tantus, more of this please.

Finally, it’s crafted out of some of the best silicone on the market. None of that some-part-of-it-is-silicone-so-we’re-gonna-call-it-silicone-even-though-it’s-really-just-jelly bullshit. What you have here is hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, odorless, tasteless, and totally safe for the body. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are many reasons I love Tantus, their quality is a big one.

Alternatively, if you’re not very experienced with vaginal insertion and want a product that could potentially help you get used to the feeling, I think the Meteorite would be perfect.  I didn’t get too much of a kick out of using it this way, but I’m sure there are some of you that will.

Tantus Meteorite Butt Plug base

rectangle base

tantus meteorite size comparison

size comparison

tantus lil flirt vs meteorite

lil flirt vs meteorite

tantus packaging



The Bad

Having said all that, aside from the gorgeous appearance it’s pretty simple. There’s no texturing for added sensations like the Zing, Juice, Twist, or Small Ripple, and rather than having a heavily bulged body to create a full feeling, it’s fairly thin. If they were hoping to create a toy perfect for anyone wanting something longer than the Lil Flirt, without being intimidating, I personally think they nailed it. But I also wouldn’t be surprised many find this plug a tad on the bland side.

Because the shaft is relatively thin there isn’t much to grab hold of, and instead of staying put, I found it constantly wanted to slip out… though I’ll admit that’s a common occurrence for me. On one occasion it actually felt like it ‘popped’ out (not pooped, that’s different).  In trying to find a solution I tested a bunch of ideas, none of which helped; clenching my butt together just made me feel like I was trying to hold in a poop, jamming it as close to my body as possible felt like I had underwear riding up my crack, and holding it in place was awkward and distracting. With everything said and done the only thing that made a difference was sitting on it. Not an ideal solution for use while having sex, but if you’re creative you can find a way to make it work.

Although the flexible shaft made things comfortable once it was in, there were a few instances when getting past the first quarter was a challenge; because it wasn’t firm (which would allow me to push against it without it moving), anytime I shifted my weight it bent awkwardly so that I had to stop and reposition.  Not a huge deal, but having to continually start and stop just to get it fully inserted was slightly annoying.

You’re also going to need a lot of lube. If you don’t, there will be drag on the skin. Not necessarily a ‘con’ that’s specific to the Meteorite, you’ll get it with most silicone toys, but something you’ll need to keep in mind.

Also, it attracts lint.


bendy tip


flexible body


full bend


Care & Cleaning

Because it’s crafted out of medical grade silicone, and therefore wont retain bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, it doesn’t require heavy duty cleaning many lesser products would. Simply give it a good wash with mild soap and water and let it sit to air dry. Or, if you’re a clean freak and can’t stand the thought of something that’s been in your ass coming into contact with anything else, you can boil it in water for 3 minutes, toss it in your dishwasher, or wash it with a 10% bleach solution. Though honestly, it’s pretty unnecessary.

Tantus Meteorite Butt PlugFinal Verdict

If you’re like me and still feel a little wary when it comes to butt toys, but are brave enough to explore, do your self a favor and invest in the Tantus Meteorite, it’s got a lot going for it; the body safe silicone is supple with a nice amount of squish providing a lovely cushioned feeling, the shaft is surprisingly flexible and once fully inserted moves with the body comfortably, the thin tip is gently rounded so getting it in place is quick and easy, and the tapered body helps it to slip inside effortlessly.  It also comes in black.

All things considered, it’s one of the better designed products I’ve come across, even if it does seem a little basic.

If on the other hand you want something that provides different means of stimulation (size and textures to boot!), snag yourself a small or large Ripple, Zing, or Juice. They’re all made by Tantus and have the same level of quality the company has become known for, with an added bit of consideration paid to sensations.

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Tantus body safe sex toys

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BAIT Giveaway Contest!

Normally I don’t veer to far from sex toys on this blog. But since it’s my main squeeze and something I’m exceptionally proud of him for, I’m sharing it here too.

If you like books that are dark, raw, grisly, heavy, fast paced, and thrilling, I suggest you check out his book BAIT.

What’s it about you ask, here’s the synopsis:

Six strangers that wake up on a remote island in the Florida Keys with no memory of their arrival. They soon discover their common bond: all of them are heroin addicts. As the first excruciating pangs of withdrawal make themselves felt, the six notice a yacht anchored across open water. On it lurk four shadowy figures, protected by the hungry sharks that patrol the waves. So begins a dangerous game. The six must undertake the impossible—swim to the next island where a cache of heroin awaits, or die trying.

Sounds good right?

It came out this past August in North America and the UK in September… with other releases set for Germany, Greece, Brazil, Bulgaria and Czech Republic. Just one more small step in our plans for world domination. *insert evil cackle here*

Check the trailer…

As for the giveaway contest, there’s 3 books up for grabs (1 per household)and winners get to pick whether they want the UK or North American version. Personally I LOVE the UK one. But that’s just me.

Want one? Everything you need to enter is in the form below.

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