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Review: Basic Cock Rings

If you’ve been following my  posts on male sexual enhancement you should be fairly well versed on how to use a cock ring, the ins and outs of how erections work, ways to improve your stamina, the various oils, ointment, creams, and lotions available to help you last longer in bed. For this post I’m going to take things a step further and offer suggestions and mini reviews on a series of basic cock rings that would be good for beginners and experts alike.

Basic Cock Rings

*Side Note: I didn’t go into specific details about the experiences with them because they all managed to help the user maintain an erection and provided orgasms that were slightly ‘stronger’ or ‘more enjoyable’ than without. Instead the focus for this review was to cover the comfort level and ease of use.

3 cock ring set TPR/Silicone Cock Rings – 3 Piece Set

This 3 piece set is probably one of the most basic silicone cock ring collections you’ll find. While each of the rings are the same in regard to thickness, they are all different sizes (1.75”, 2”, 2.5”) and allow the user to try various options until they find one that works for them. In my opinion sets like this are great for those that aren’t very experienced with cock rings and don’t know which size suits their needs.

Personal Experience

My tester said he used the smaller one (1.75″) for use just around the base of his shaft and the larger one for use around the testis and shaft. He said he didn’t really use the mid sized one as it was too large for his shaft, but too small to fit around everything comfortably. He said that with a bit of lube they slid on comfortably, didn’t pinch or shift too much during use, were easy to remove, and for the most part helped him last a bit longer than usual.

The Good

Out of the package the rings start out rather firm with a bit of stretch and become more flexible with time and use. My personal suggestion is to take some time to stretch them out by hand, that way they’ll have a little more give during the application and possibly make the experience more comfortable. I’d also highly suggest the use of a good water based lube with these rings as they do create a bit of drag on the skin which will definitely get caught in pubic hair – trust me on this!! (even my testers didn’t listen and learned the hard way!).

The Bad

The ring may rub on the base of a condom and cause it to thin out and possibly break (speaking from experience) – again the use of good lube will help minimize the chances of this happening.

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for an affordable set that gives you a variety of options before spending the big bucks on something far better quality, the 3 ring set is definitely a decent option.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Tantus Cock RingTantus Silicone C-Ring (1 3/4″)

For those of you that have a little bit more of a budget to play with, and also care about purchasing products that are body safe and much better quality, I’d highly suggest trying the Silicone C-rings made by the folks at Tantus.

The Good

Not only are they thicker, sturdier, phthalate and latex free, hypo allergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, non porous, easy to care for and clean – they’re also far better suited for the job than the thin versions you’ll find in the silicone 3 piece set previously mentioned.

Personal Experience

When I asked my tester about his experience with the advanced version he said it was “surprisingly comfortable”, that it felt “high quality, durable, sturdy and very supportive”, enjoyed the fact that there was no pulling of the skin, testis or pinching he’s often experienced with lesser brands, and that it was one he would highly recommend. He said it was relatively easy to put on and remove, and that while it was a rather foreign feeling that made him a bit wary, it was something he’d use again with confidence.

Having said that, of the three available (Beginner 2″ and Intermediate 1 7/8″) we opted for the Advanced C-Ring (1 3/4″) – with the larger versions likely being better suited for someone that’s new to this type of exploration. In retrospect, had we opted for a larger one I think he would have had a much more pleasurable experience.

Measuring around 3/4″ inches in width (I’m not talking diameter here, I’m talking the width of the actual silicone) these rings really provide the type of support needed to comfortably house a set of balls and an erect penis. They are by no means cheap or flimsy – if you’re looking for quality, you’ve found it.

Fave quote while getting him to test things for me:

Him *while putting on the C-Ring*: “Who makes this?”
Me: “@Tantus
Him: *after getting it into place* “Well no wonder it feels good… they don’t mess around.”

Final Verdict: If quality, ease of use and body safe products are your forte you’ll likely find the Tantus C-Rings a welcome addition to your collection.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Laid Cock Ring P.2Laid P.2 Silicone 51.5mm

When it comes to cock rings solely designed to stimulate the male, in almost every way possible, it’s hard to think of a better product than the ones created by Laid. From the velvety smooth silicone to the sturdy and durable yet flexible design, these rings truly are high end.

Personal Experience

One of the main things that made the P.2 a favorite of my tester was the fact that the hole was oval rather than round, allowing him to fit everything (balls/shaft) inside and experience absolutely no discomfort. Aside from that, the ring, which is rather thick like the Tantus ones, does thin out on the sides providing a bit more support where the tester said he needed it most, on the top and bottom. He said it slid on very comfortably, was relatively squishy and easy to maneuver, didn’t hurt or pull on the skin, was easy to remove and fit surprisingly well. He said the pointed end offered an interesting sensation, one that at first took a bit of getting used to, but once he was settled felt pleasurable.

The Good

As many of you will likely notice from the picture, this ring is quite different from the others in the review; the triangular portion is designed to snugly fit beneath the testis and offer stimulation to the wearer’s perineum (the area between the testis and anus -i.e. the “Taint”). If you wanted you could also turn it so the point was above the shaft (pointing towards the belly button) which would provide a firm surface for your partner to rub against, though my tester said it wasn’t the most comfortable experience for him.

The rectangular box it comes in is just like the product; professional, respectfully designed and high end in appearance. By no means is it cheap, cheesy or tacky and for those of you that are into reusing, the foam insert mean to cradle the product can be removed to allow more room for possible storage of condoms, lube and batteries.

Since it’s made of high quality silicone I suggest using a good water based lube as a silicone will likely ruin it. As for cleaning simply wash it with antibacterial soap and water, boil it or bleach it with a 10% solution for total sterilization.

*Note: because the silicone used is velvety it doesn’t create any drag on the skin, doesn’t pull on pubic hair (maybe a tiny bit, but nothing compared to the others) and doesn’t attract lint either. Sample lube is included, along with user guide and care instructions.

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a high end product that not only helps you maintain an erection but also stimulates other areas (the taint) then the P.2 by Laid are a pretty fantastic option. Not only are they very well designed and made of body safe silicone, they’re exceptionally comfortable and easy to apply/remove.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

TitanMen Metal Cock Ring

While I’m not the biggest supporter of metal cock rings (I’ve seen some of the damage they can do if used incorrectly), I do understand that there are people who are well versed with them and look to expand and explore the options available. Having said that, I would only suggest these for those of you that are very experienced, know what you’re doing, and are prepared to handle a situation should it go wrong (i.e. you can’t go soft and therefore cannot remove the product on your own).

Personal Experience

One of the things my tester liked about the TitanMen Metal Cock Rings was the fact that they had a flattened edge (unlike many that are usually totally rounded like this one) which gave him something to grip and get his nails behind when it came time for removal. They’re also surprisingly light, smooth, comfortable, easy to apply with the help of a little lube, and do a fantastic job of limiting circulation since they have no ‘give’ or ‘squish’. He said it had a bit of weight behind it, but not enough to make his cock feel weighed down. He said sliding it to the base of his shaft was easy enough, though he didn’t want to chance placing it behind his balls (there was a fear he might lock off). He said there was minimum damage done to the condom and that it stayed in place better than any of the silicone versions. While it wouldn’t be his first choice for use, he did say he’d use it again.

The Good

Like the other products within the TitanMen line the packaging is simple, straight forward, basic and although it’s not the most discreet (it says Cock Ring on the front), it’s also not tacky, cheesy, cheap or distasteful. Sure, it’s not something you’d likely want someone to find, but considering your just going to throw it in the recycling bin (or garbage) who cares.

Cleaning is simple since the product is metal, just wash with an anti bacterial soap and water, then rinse well. As for lubes I’d personally suggest a good water based lube – you could use any kind that you wanted but I figure that if there is a problem, a water based would like wash off your hands easier allowing you to grasp the product without your fingers sliding everywhere.

Final Verdict: If you’ve tried all the other options available and still find the level of support coming up short (no pun intended) you might want to give metal cock rings like the ones made in the TitanMan line a try.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (there’s not much to complain about with metal, just the safety issues – but if you’re careful and know what you’re doing you shouldn’t have to worry).

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Review: Tantus T-Rex

Let me start this review by stating that I am not, in any way, shape, or form, a “size queen’. My happy number is around 4 – 5′” inches in length (insertable) and around 4 – 5″ inches in circumference, leaning more toward 4- 4 1/2″…. anything more and it’s a damn near special occasion, with me making the accommodation simply because the product in question is worthy of the wait, effort, and persistence.

The Fun Factory Amor, measuring 5″ insertable and 4 1/2″ in girth, is my ideal (I have 2, one marbled and one in a rainbow), however the Tantus Cush is a very good example of an amazing toy for those moments when a girl is in want for a little ‘something more’ (Cush measures 6 3/4″ length insertable with a circumference of 5 1/2″). Yes that extra inch or two can make a huge difference. Literally.

With that in mind, my experiences with the T-Rex weren’t positive, instead being somewhat labor intensive and overwhelming in every way possible.

As someone who likes to ‘test’ a product up to 6 times for certainty before making a final judgement call, I was only able to go through the motions a couple times… not comfortably, and sadly not as impressively as I had originally hoped. Having said that, if you are a “size queen”… one that absolutely loves a challenge and isn’t afraid to test their skill and courage, the T-Rex will likely be for you.

*Even though it didn’t really work for me I’m going to do my best to make this review non-biased for those that are thinking of an adventure. Yes I’ll have my complaints and air them openly, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to bash the product like I did with another I thought truly deserved it. The T-Rex is meant for a specific market. I sadly am not of that market, something I fully understand and can’t hold against the T-Rex.

The Good

Being that the product is made by Tantus there are a quite a few good things it has to offer, much of which has to do with the amazing level of quality it has to bestow;

Like always the packaging is respectful, professional, and gender neutral with nothing on it that’s rude, crass or offensive. The clear plastic box is the same as pretty much every other Tantus toy, having a top that opens usually with a bit of struggle on my end via a few sliding tabs and a removable plastic insert that houses the product to keep in place for display.

The glossy and lustrous dark purple silicone is smooth, supple, and slightly squishy with a bit of give that’s also surprisingly flexible. I honestly think it was these features that allowed me to use it at all, had it been a firm product with no squish or give I likely would have given up on the first attempt due to the discomfort. Fortunately there was just enough give to help my body overcome obstacles like the upper ridge and girthy shaft.

trex2As with all Tantus products the T-Rex is hypoallergenic, hygienic, non toxic, phthalate and latex free, odourless, tasteless, eco-friendly, virtually non-porous so it won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, and designed to last a lifetime with a minimal amount of care. I’ve said it over and over again, if you want quality, you want Tantus. Trust me on this.

The firm but squishy balls located about a third of the way down the shaft let you gauge how far it’s inserted, something that can be rather difficult to know when you can’t see due to awkward positioning, leaving one to wonder if it’s in… all the way. Usually I wouldn’t mention this since I don’t necessarily think it’s a standard selling feature, but with the T-Rex, a product many will buy just to conquer, having the balls lets you know when you’ve succeed. At least that’s how I looked at it when I won (it also gives new meaning to the term “balls deep”).

The flared base acts as a pretty decent suction cup for those that like to mount from the top and go for a ride. My only suggestion is to slightly wet the bottom with a bit of water first (to make sure there’s no pet hair or lint to get in the way) and slam it down fairly hard on the surface you want it to stick to. It’s got quite a bit of weight to it so it’s not going to instantly affix itself as easily as some others and it’s also not going to stick so well to walls (the weight will eventually cause it to fall off)… but considering I was able to lift my table off the ground when trying to remove the T-Rex, it does have some impressive suction once in place.

Also on the note of the flared base, it’s totally compatible with strap-ons for those that like pegging. Sure getting it into the harness ring may require a bit of push and pull, but it’s very flexible and should insert without too much trouble. Just know in advance that it’s not going to stand at attention when you’re wearing it – it’s heavy, very heavy, and will slightly droop.

Size wise it’s a BEAST! No seriously, it’s huge. Like really huge… really, really huge, though that has more to do with the girth than the length. For those curious, the length is a fairly doable 6″ (Cush measures 6 3/4″), but the girth is roughly 7″ around. I say roughly because it slightly thickens toward the base, on top of having a protruding ridge around the head. Sure it’s big, but that doesn’t really mean it’s bad… at least not for those that like big things. For me on the other hand, yikes!

*For those that are going to attempt the T-Rex I have a couple suggestions to help make it far more enjoyable; use lots of lube and I do mean lots (it will decrease friction and allow it to ‘slide’ comfortably), don’t just go straight for the product unless you’re used to things of its size (or close to it) instead, work your way up to it by using a partner or other products before hand (the vaginal canal will expand and lengthen when a female is aroused, take advantage of that), finally, don’t be afraid to use something on your clitoris if you need to, it’ll likely help with the arousal and getting you in the mood.


Tantus T-Rex Dildo

uncomfortable ridging


Tantus T-Rex Dildo Girth

more than a handful


Tantus T-Rex Base

super flexible base


Tantus T-Rex Packaging



Care & Cleaning

Since it’s made of quality silicone you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water, boil it up to 600° Fahrenheit, bleach it with a 10% bleach solution, or simply put it in the top rack of your dishwasher…yes, I did say put it in the dishwasher.

As with all of the products Tantus makes you’ll want to use water based lubricants as a silicone lube will likely ruin it with time. If you’re dead set on using a silicone lube I’d suggest doing a patch test on the base of the dildo first. If it turns matte or ‘foggy’ don’t use it. If there’s no reaction you may be fine, I just wouldn’t chance it.

The Bad

Aside from the difficulty I personally had with the large size there are a few other issues I think are worth mentioning:

There’s a ridge that slightly protrudes around the head of the shaft, making insertion extra difficult for those that aren’t used to products of this size (pictured above left). Maybe it’s just me but I would have liked for the product to maintain the same width throughout since it would have encouraged me to keep going. Instead it acted as a barrier between me and the conquering of a beast. On that note, because of the way the ridge is angled removing it is also a challenge, leaving my second attempt a slightly more painful one due to the fact that I tensed up in anticipation of the awkward ‘pop’ I experienced the first time around, unintentionally tightening around it in the process. #ouch

Although it’s great once you can get it to stick, the base isn’t as firm as I thought it would have been, an issue that made thrusting even more difficult for me (not that it was easy to begin with). Having said that I do know that if the base was firm it would have been damn near impossible to get it to fold and easily insert into the support ring for a harness.

Finally, again with being a lint collector! That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Final Verdict

I’m admittedly a little torn on this one… on the one hand I can totally see how it’s an amazing product for those that like fisting or larger than average sized products. It’s quality made, virtually non-porous, easy to care for and clean, can be used with a harness, doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into your body or contain latex and has some seriously amazing girth to it. On the other hand, it was just to much for me. Which makes me sad… mostly because I really wanted to be able to say I ‘tamed it’, but also because had that ridge not been there I think I would have succeeded… and totally learned to love it. C’est la vie I guess.

To get more info or check out all of the other products Tantus makes, many of which will be smaller and much easier to take, head over to SheVibe where shopping is easy, discreet and great customer service is a guarantee!

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Shevibe Sex Toys

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Beginners Guide: Butt Friendly Sex Toys

Butt ToysJust like every other sex toy on the market, butt toys come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes and materials, each designed to offer a specific kind of sensation. Some target the p-spot (prostate), others provide a feeling of fullness, some allow you to become comfortable with the idea of having something in your butt, while others penetrate deeply for a fuller feeling, some vibrate for a heightened sense of arousal, while others simply let you safely explore anal play.

Regardless of what you’re into, there is something to suit your needs, it’s just a matter of finding one that works with you and your body.

Tips & Suggestions

Since there is a lot of miscommunication and horrible myths when it comes to butt play, I thought I’d fill you in on a few tips & tricks just to make sure you’re fully in the know before getting busy:

  • Desensitizing products are a no-no; although some may feel using numbing agents is a good idea, I suggest you don’t; not only do they limit the amount of control you have, they could be dangerous as you probably won’t feel any pain and therefor not know when you’re going too far too fast. Instead, you may want to consider an anal spray that relaxes the area rather than numbing it.
  • Always use a product with a flared base; this is important as it will stop the product from being pulled inside, potentially saving you a trip to the doctors office. If you’re using beads, make sure to count them after. Yes, they have popped off and been lost in people before.
  • sliquidChoose a good quality lube; no matter what type you choose I highly suggest the use of a thick lubricant that’s very slippery and maintains its consistency. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself constantly have to stop to reapply. I find silicone lubricants work best (unless you’re using a silicone product, then I’d suggest something else like a good water based lube).
  • No rough stuff; be sure that anything you insert is smooth and free of any jagged edges, points, or ridges, as the internal lining of the rectum/anus could be torn or scratched, potentially leading to infection.
  • Never go from back to front; although you can go from vagina to anus, I highly suggest you refrain from going anus to vagina. That’s just asking for trouble. If you’re going to be sharing with a partner, I’d advise either using a condom (and changing it between partners) or thoroughly cleaning it between uses.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness; on that note, because the anus can harbor bacteria it is always advised that you fully clean each and every product after use (that goes for everything, not just butt toys).
  • Pick a body safe material; finally, when shopping for a butt toy make sure to choose one crated out of a non-porous material like glass, steel, high quality silicone, sealed wood or aluminum as they won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria like a cheap jelly or rubber toy would.

*Wanna play but not sure how to do it safely or where to begin? Check out my Beginners Guide To Butt Play as it should answer any of the questions you have.

Butt Toy Breakdown

Because there are so many different butt toys on the market, some that often beget a ‘wtf is that for?’, I figured I’d explain what the most common products are and what they’re used for:

Tantus Ryder

Tantus Ryder

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted in the butt and held in place by the sphincter muscles. Because the muscles naturally react by clenching and relaxing around the stem and head of the plug, it often gives the impression of being “plugged up”. Basically put, you insert them in your ass and they stay there, providing a pleasurable sensation of fullness and/or pressure.

Because many plugs are smaller in size they tend to be great for those that are easily intimated or afraid of inserting anything in their butt.

*the Tantus Ryder pictured left is a good example of a body safe butt plug. Some other great plugs include the Vixen Creations Buddy, any of the Crystal Delights Plugs (comes with a genuine Swarovski Crystal in the base), any of the Njoy Pure Plugs, the newer Tantus Juice, Twist or Neo, or the ones Blush, Aneros, or Good Vibes make.

Anal Probes

While the name may sound somewhat scary (thanks to the association with ‘alien anal probing’), probes tend to be surprisingly pleasurable. Unlike plugs, which tend to be rather small by comparison, probes usually describe any type of longer sized intimate accessory that offers deeper anal penetration. Very often you’ll find they come in a tapered shape with some form of texture whether it’s ribbing, rippling or otherwise.

*the Fun Factory Wanda pictured right is a good example of a body safe anal probe. Some other great probes include the Tantus Ripple, or the Boundless 6 Inch Ridged Probe.

Fun Factory Anal Beads

Fun Factory Felix

Anal Beads

Because stimulation of the anus and surrounding areas can offer a surprising amount of pleasure, many people have shed their inhibitions and begun to explore anal play with products like anal beads.

As the name would suggest, anal beads consist of multiple balls or spheres of similar or varying sizes, which are inserted anally and removed at varying speeds during orgasm (the pleasurable feeling of having them pass through the narrow sphincter can help to enhance the experience).

Unfortunately not all beads are created equally, especially when it comes to body safe materials. Things you’ll want to consider when choosing; always look for silicone or non-porous material for both the beads and the ‘cord’ to which they’re attached (nylon, lycra and other fabric materials are all porous and therefore cannot be fully sterilized), beads that are fixed in place – meaning they don’t move up or down the ‘cord’, a sturdy handle for removal, and absolutely no steams or sharp edges.

*the Fun Factory Flexi Felix is a good example of body safe anal beads. Some other great probes include the Cheeky Beads, Vibrating Progressive BeadsTantus Beads.

Aneros Helix Prostate Stimulator

Aneros Helix

Prostate Stimulator/Massagers

The prostate, more commonly known as the “p-Spot”, is located few inches inside the anal canal (those that are ‘female bodied’ don’t have one) and forms a part of the male reproductive system, with the main function being to produce the fluid that protects and enriches sperm.

Because the nerves that control erections surround the prostate, many have found that applying pressure to the p-spot or stimulating it via massage is highly pleasurable. As such, there are many specifically designed to massage the area and intensify stimulation.

*the Aneros Helix pictured right is a good example of a prostate massager.

For some it’s the sensation of ‘fullness’ that brings pleasure, for others it’s stimulation of specific areas like the ‘p-spot’ that do it, regardless of your specific likes or dislikes, so long as you’re being safe and using a product specifically designed for anal play I say embrace it and enjoy it!

Curious about the butt toys I’ve reviewed? Head over to my butt toy review page for all the ass stuffin’ goodness!

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Review: Crystal Delights Frosted Plug

Frosted Crystal Delights Butt Plug

Back in 2010 I was sent my very first set of  handcrafted Swarovski embedded Crystal Delights products, a small and large butt plug, so I could provide a comparative review and offer some insight to the difference in sizes.  To say I was wowed, impressed or totally blown away by the craftsmanship, beauty and ease of use would be a huge understatement.

Now, almost two years later, I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on two of their newer frosted designs; a small frosted plug with a rose Swarovski Crystal (pictured left) and a larger Star Delight Frosted Dildo with a powder blue Swarovski Crystal, both of which have left me totally awestruck.

*for this review I’ll be covering the frosted plug, with a review on the amazing dildo to follow shortly.


Unlike many other intimate accessories that come packaged in a plastic clam shell or cardboard box, the Crystal Delight plug comes rolled within a lovely black fabric pouch that’s pretty, elegant and discreet (pictured right). Since the pouch doesn’t bare any logos or written info it’s hard to tell exactly what it’s for, allowing it to be used for pretty much anything you choose. Fortunately it’s also slightly bigger than the plug giving you the option of also storing a few extras like condoms or a small bottle of lube. The outer layer of fabric is satiny, with a Damask design, while the inner layer is smooth and luxurious.

Swarovski Plug

Plug w/ Pouch

*I absolutely love the fact that it can be reused rather than being tossed in the garbage unlike most other packaging – #ecofriendlyforthewin

When it comes to cleaning the pouch you can simply give it a wash in cold water and line dry it. As for the material you’re looking at an outer layer of 60% Rayon/40% Polyester and an internal lining of 100% Nylon.

I know there are going to be quite a few of you that are looking at these and thinking ‘glass in my ass? No way!’, so before I go on about how much I love the plug I’m just going to suggest you head over to my original Crystal Delights review and take a gander at the great benefits and features Pyrex glass products have to offer. And while I’m at it, just let me state for the record that they’re far better than any porous jelly product you’d cram in your ass without thinking twice about how gross and unsafe they are.

You’re also probably going to assume that because the plugs are made of glass they might be a tad dangerous; so long as you don’t drop them or slam them against a wall I (but really, why would you be doing that?!) they will hold up to quite a bit of wear and tear. Trust me, I should know – I’ve accidentally dropped all of mine a couple times now  and not one has a chip or crack in it.

The Good

Unlike the previous versions I was sent, the frosted plug is not clear, instead being a slightly transparent white finish that turns almost transparent upon coming into contact with any kind of fluid. It’s this finish that gives it an almost velvety feel while still being wonderfully smooth.  As expected it’s hard with absolutely no squish or give, duh it is glass, allowing it to provide an amazing sensation of fullness once inserted.

Regarding the shape, the head is bulbous (rather than being tapered and elongated like the clear version – as pictured in the third from left image below), giving it a slight resemblance to a pawn from a chess set. At first I thought this would cause it to be difficult to insert and/or slightly uncomfortable, but to my surprise that just wasn’t the case; because the head is rounded there was a slight resistance at first, then ‘pop!’ in it went, with the rounded head helping it to stay in place without issue – if you’re tired of fighting with objects to stay in place, this should be a wonderful reprieve. The glass  also provides some weight to it, so it’s not a product you won’t be able to feel or wonder if it’s in. I gotta admit, the comfortable fullness it offers is pretty exceptional.

Having said that this isn’t something I would suggest to someone who is new to inserting anything anally as the shape and design may be a tad overwhelming, especially for someone that is tense or fearing it may hurt (to help ease any fears about anal play I suggest viewing my post/video: Butt Play Tips For Beginners). If on the other hand you’ve explored anally and liked the experience the Crystal Delights plugs are definitely worth splurging on.

Stats: Length – 3.3 inches, insertable length 2.7 inches, width 1.4 inches, weight 3.9 ounces

*While most would assume they can only be used anally I’d like to suggest vaginal use; with its bulbous head the plug has the ability to provide great g-spot/vaginal stimulation and/or pressure in all the right places.  If you are going to be using them anally I suggest you use a very good quality lube as the anus, unlike the vagina, does not self lubricate which can make insertion rather difficult.  If you are going to be using them vaginally just remember; you can go from front to back, just not back to front.

Rose Swarovski Crystal

length comparison

clear vs frosted


Piece Du Resistance

When I got my first set of plugs I was a little worried the Swarovski Crystal might fall out or come loose, sadly I had the same fears about the new products.  Like before I started picking at the seam and ran my finger over every edge to test if it was sharp, not surprisingly the Crystal stayed in place and the surface was smooth with absolutely no jagged edges. I really should know better by now. I mean, the company is known for quality and no one has ever had a complaint about losing the Crystals or being hurt.

As for the actual Swarovski Crystal, it’s breathtaking. Seriously, the pictures I took don’t do it justice. The rose color shines and sparkles even in dim lighting, something I really didn’t expect. Whether it’s one of their Pleasure Paddles, dildos, or large variety of glass butt plugs, I think everyone deserves at least one of their products.  After all, there really isn’t anything more luxurious than these, especially when compared to other luxurious and far more expensive products that see little use past the initial ‘oh wow it’s pretty‘ moment – you’ll use these, you really will!

Old vs New Crystal Delights Packaging

Old vs New Packaging

The Bad

I really didn’t have anything to complain about regarding the actual plug, but having said that, in comparison to the original clear version it is a tad harder to find the tip of the product when it’s behind you and you can’t see it as it was much more rounded and bulbous, making the original a bit easier to insert. Once in place there really isn’t much difference to the feel, I just know that for some people inserting a product anally can be a bit nerve wracking and overwhelming so the easier the better.

Unfortunately I did have one small complaint about the packaging; while it is discreet, luxurious, easy to clean, and highly aesthetically appealing, the new pouch isn’t as thickly padded as the previous velvety version my other plugs came wrapped in. Do I think it will still protect them? certainly, but for clutzy peeps like me the added padding puts a person a bit more at ease. Having said that, the outer Rayon shell of the new version is so much better since it doesn’t attract lint or pet hair like the other one did.

Care & Cleaning

In regard to cleaning the plug nothing could be easier; you can simply wash it with soap and water, spray it with toy cleaner or wipe it with an anti bacterial cleansing cloth. No mater what you do you don’t have to worry as the glass won’t absorb any lube, bodily fluids or bacteria.

When it comes to caring for your plug, just keep it safely tucked away inside the padded cover and it should be perfectly fine.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a durable plug that’s made of body safe materials that’s free of any harsh chemicals that could leach into your system, while also being eco-friendly, luxurious, non-porous (a big deal when it comes to butt toys), easy to care for and clean, comfortable once in place, warms quickly to body temperature and can be used for temperature play (warm and cool water only, boiling or freezing it may be too much to your body), made to last a lifetime and worth every penny you’d spend, not to mention being embedded with a genuine Swarovski Crystal (with 9 different colors to choose from might I add!), the ones made by Crystal Delights are definitely something I’d highly suggest you add to your list of wants/needs.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. They really are that amazing.

To take a look at all of the products within the Crystal Delights collection I suggest you head over to their website where shopping for intimate accessories is easy, discreet and your privacy is of utmost importance.

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Tantus Haul ~ Show & Tell

After collecting Tantus products for over 5 years I figured it was time to create a video haul showcasing my faves and offering some insight to why they are so amazing.

Basically, if you want body safe intimate accessories that are phthalate and latex free, hypoallergenic, hygienic, virtually non-porous, eco-friendly and made to last a lifetime with minimal care, you want Tantus.

Products within the video (in order of appearance): Tantus Silk Small, Silk Medium, Silk Large, Small Ripple, Little Flirt, Ryder, Charmer, Curve, Panty Play, Little Secret Kiss (neon pink) and Tease (neon green), T-Rex (…LIKE A BOSS!), Large Beads (no long available *sad panda*).

To read more about why I love the company so much, check out my Featured Company (Tantus) post.

To check out all of my Tantus product reviews here’s the RSS feed for all things Tantus.

Not in the video but part of my collection (I couldn’t fit it all in one video): Tantus Vamp, Tantus Acute, Tantus B-Bomb (It’s too big. I’m working my way up to it), Beginner Cock Ring, Bend Over Intermediate Kit, Tantus Delta, Tantus Theta, Tantus Pi, Tantus Omega, Tantus Deuce 1 and 2, Tantus Goddess, Panty Play, Tantus Little Secret Whisper, Tantus Little Secret Touch, Tantus Little Secret Spoon, Stroker XL, Tantus Faerie (no longer available – it’s clear with SPARKLES!!), Tantus Flex, Tantus Cush O2, Unnamed Tantus Prototype (YAY for feeling special!)… I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting and I was clearly WAY off when it came to how many I said I was missing in the video (10 – 15? Um, no. Try more like 22. What can I say, I’m a whore for Tantus products.)

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