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Colt Anal Douche Review

coltEvery time I talk about butt sex, ass toys, or anything to do with anuses, I get bombarded with questions about anal douching/enemas. While some ask the basic question “is it really necessary?”, I’m most commonly asked what the process is, if it hurts, if it’s messy and what product(s) work best.

It was this continual prompting that lead me to try the Colt Anal Douche so that I could finally do a review for all of you.

To be honest, I’ve always been curious about douches/enemas and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try one out. As for the debate regarding whether or not it’s necessary, I suggest you read this article by the wonderful people at Scarleteen – then decide for yourself.


Colt Anal DoucheLike the majority of the products in the Colt line (by California Exotics) the packaging isn’t the most discreet. The left side is filled with a picture of a chiseled man in a Speedo, clenching his giant bubble butt while flexing his back muscles for all the world to see. If that isn’t enough to make you giggle, or recoil in embarrassment, the words “ANAL DOUCHE” are listed across every side of the box,  giving anyone within eye shot a pretty good idea of what the product is.

If you live with roommates, family, friends or a partner and don’t want them knowing you’re using this type of product I suggest you toss out the box as soon as it arrives.

The Goods

Colt Anal Douche Nozzle 1 As for the actual product it comes in 3 pieces; a flexible rubber bottom that looks like the bulb from a Turkey baster, a long thin nozzle that is very thin, and another long rippled nozzle add-on for “personal pleasure”. In total there are actually 4 pieces, since the rounded top of the rippled add-on is removable to make cleaning easier.

Why they made  the rounded tip removable, rather than just putting a hole in the end, I have no idea. Sure it means you can clean it, but if there was no seam where *stuff* could get lodged, you wouldn’t need to clean it to begin with. Other than that, it just seems silly and dangerous considering that if it wasn’t screwed in properly it might “get lost” inside you or if used in a rough matter, could scrape during insertion or removal.

The rubber bulb measures just over 4 inches in length and can hold up to 1 cup of water. It’s relatively easy to squeeze (when full or empty), feels smooth and is pretty thick, making tearing it something you wouldn’t need to worry about.

This product does contain latex so if you are highly allergic you may want to look for other options.

colt 2The thin, body safe ABS nozzle measures 3 inches in total length, (2 inches insertable) and is only 5 cm in width making insertion quick and painless. The  ribbed nozzle measures around 6 inches in total length (including the flared base), although it’s only 4 inches insertable. It has a width of about 10 cm making it slightly larger and less comfortable for a beginner. (based on my experience anyways)

Putting the basic parts together is extremely easy: place the base of the thin nozzle into the rubber bulb and push/twist it together until it fits snugly, voila you’re done. Seriously, it’s that easy. If you wanted to add the ripple part it fits over the thin nozzle and once in place, seems to stay together rather well.

Even if it did come off while anally inserted the rippled part has a slightly flared base which could prevent it from getting stuck inside you.

Cleanliness is next to …

Rather than go into detail about my usage of the Colt Anal Douche, I’m going to answer the questions I’m commonly asked using my experience with the product in mind;

What is the process?

Using the product is pretty simple and much easier than expected; just fill the bulb with warm water by using one of two methods;

I suggest using warm/room temperature water rather than hot or cold as you’ll be less likely to shock your system.

1.) Pour the fluid directly in the opening of the bulb until full. Gently (over a sink) insert the base of the nozzle being careful not to squeeze the bulb. While it is a little more difficult, doing it this way limits the amount of air trapped inside the bulb.

2.) Submerge the tip of the nozzle in a clean cup/bowl/pot of water while squeezing the bulb. Allow the bulb to completely fill with fluid by relaxing the pressure on the bulb (think of using a Turkey baster). This is the easier way, however I found that it also lead to more air being trapped inside the bulb which could later be pushed inside the user, leading to gas and cramping.

After making sure that there is no air in the bulb, the nozzle is well lubed and you’ve taken the time to relax, insert the nozzle in the area to be cleaned (your anus)  and gently squeeze the bulb until either you feel “full” or all the water has been drained. When you feel comfortable remove the nozzle from your body. Some people will feel the need to expel the water right away, others might be able to hold it for tad longer. Since I’m all about comfort, do what feels best for you. Keep repeating this process until the water runs clear.

Does it hurt?

With the Colt Anal Douche as my first experience, my answer is no. Of course the fact that the nozzle was thin helped, as did the large amount of lube used and level of relaxation I created. That said, it wasn’t the most ‘comfortable’ experience, didn’t necessarily feel good and definitely took a little getting used to.

The thin nozzle was far more comfortable and easier to insert than the ribbed one.

Is it messy?

In total I’ve used the product 5 separate times, 4 with the thin nozzle and 1 with the ribbed nozzle; every time the thin nozzle was used there was no mess, the one time the ribbed nozzle was used water ended up ‘leaking’ everywhere. That was enough for me to decide I didn’t like it. I haven’t tried the ribbed nozzle again and I don’t really intend to, not only was it messy, but contrary to what the box said, it wasn’t very ‘pleasurable’ either.

I used the product out of curiosity, wanting to have enough experience to ‘review’ it properly/honestly and due to a health issue (constipation), not for butt sex. If you do choose to use a douche/enema before intercourse make sure to wait a few hours so that the discomfort and/or irritation you may experience will be minimal.

Care & Cleaning

Cleaning the product is relatively easy, just wash all the parts with an anti-bacterial soap and make sure to rinse them well. When everything is dry store it in a cool place until next time.

Colt Anal Douche NozzleThe Bad

The majority of my complaints are with the packaging and not so much the product. I don’t think an image of a muscular man clad in underwear was necessary, nor do I think having the words “ANAL DOUCHE” written in capitals and plastered all over the box was needed.

As for the product, maybe it’s because I’m not used to having stuff in my butt but the ribbed nozzle was uncomfortable and not something I think a beginner could insert very easily. The latex may be an issue for those with allergies and  the removable tip seemed rather stupid – like I said, they should have just put a hole in the end.

Other than that, it didn’t come with any detailed instructions for use or safety precautions so I had to go hunting online.

Final Verdict

While I do think there are things that could be changed, I can also see how the Colt Anal Douche might be a pretty decent product for a beginner; it’s easy to use, lightweight, comfortable to hold, body safe, affordable, easy to put together, has a flared base so parts can’t get ‘lost’ and most importantly – it does the job.

That said, if you’re looking for something a little more high end, that gives you more control and is better quality you might want to check out the Cloud 9 Premium Shower Kit – Deluxe Enema & Douche. I’ve heard really great things about it from friends. However, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune this a pretty good option.

To get more info, purchase the product, or see other options when it comes to anal douche kits, make sure to check out PinkCherry where shopping is discreet, easy and highly affordable.

If you’d like more info on the safety, necessity or all around info on anal douching/enemas I suggest you check this link.


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Review: Ashton Moore Pocket Pussy

Ever since I got a Fleshlight (for my partner) I’ve become a snob when it comes to male masturbators. No matter how hard I try, I always find myself doing a comparison with the expectation and assumption that the almighty Fleshlight will rise victorious against the competition.

It doesn’t help that so many fake vaginas seem to run a distant fourth or fifth to the realism (both in feel and appearance), level of discretion and quality the Fleshlight line of products have to offer.

Having said that, I do think the porn star molded Pocket Pussies created by Doc Johnson (sent to me by the lovely folks at come in at a very close third, especially for those of you on a tight budget.  (*they’re only $12.89!!)

The Good

The first thing that impressed me was the appearance; not only does Ashtons Pocket Pussy feel relatively real, being soft to the touch and very much like skin, it’s also a close enough replica that I don’t feel any need to complain.

On top of the realistic appearance, I love that the user can adjust the level of stimulation and tightness simply by squeezing their hand (something the Fleshlight can’t do). The grooves on the outside make this task exceptionally easy, not to mention make it very comfortable to hold.

In regard to size the product measures 5.5 inches in total length and 1.5 inches in width. With that in mind, if you’re penis is longer than 5.5 inches you might want to consider something else as you will most likely find that your head pops out of the opening in the end. If however you are 5.5 inches or under, Ashton should be a perfect fit!

*I’m not sure if they were going for this but when looking at the hole in the opposite end, it seems it could easily be used as an anus, if you’re into that kind of thing.

For those of you that like the feeling of warmth the Pocket Pussies retain heat nicely; simply place them in warm water (not boiling) for up to one minute, then remove from the water and enjoy!

Testers Experience

As I’m sure most of you are all well aware, I sadly (for me) do not have a penis and therefor cannot enjoy or review these products the way I’d like. Fortunately I have many male friends that are more than willing to lend a hand, or erect penis, making these reviews a possibility:

*name has been omitted to respect privacy

Me: “So what do you think” *placing product in his hand*

Him: “Did you seriously just put a Pocket Pussy in my hand?” *laughing*

Me: “Sure did, so what do you think?”

Him: “Well, I’ll admit it’s interesting. It’s lighter than I thought it would be, feels squishy, doesn’t stink like those rubber toys and looks kinda real”

Me: “Does it look cheap?”

Him: “No, not really. Though it is much smaller than my Fleshlight which might be a good thing.”

Me: “If you saw it in a sex shop would you buy it?”

Him: “Probably not, I haven’t heard much about it and I don’t know how good it would be. Although, for under $15.00 it seems like a good deal.”

Me: “Well, if I give it to you will you promise to show it a good time?”

Him: “Give me a week…”

A week later…

Me: “So what did you think of Ashton?”

Him: “Okay, I have to say I was rather pleasantly surprised!”

Me: “Why?”

Him: “Well, first of all, it actually felt good. Not exactly like a real girl would feel, but it was close enough that I didn’t need to force myself to imagine it was something else.  It’s really easy to use and it was really comfortable to hold onto. I love my Fleshlight but sometimes it’s a little tiresome, this wasn’t at all awkward or bulky. I also really liked that I could adjust how tight or loose it was. So many products they make these days are either way too small (tight) or make you feel like your f*cking a hole in the wall. This, for me anyways, was a nice change.”

Me: “Anything you didn’t like?”

Him: “I couldn’t put myself all the way in or the tip (of his penis) would pop out the other end. But that’s basically it”

Me: “How was cleaning it?”

Him: “A little messy, but a lot easier than cleaning my Fleshlight and there weren’t any other parts to worry about so it was pretty simple”

Me: “Would you suggest it to other dudes?”

Him: “Sure would! I think this would be good for most guys because it’s cheap, easy to use, feels close enough to the real thing and holds up to quite a beating”

There you have it folks, an honest review from a dude that actually used the product. Although I will admit, I’m still sad I couldn’t try it myself.

Cleaning & Care

Since they are made of  body safe, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and phthalate free UR3 material I would only suggest a good water based lube as a silicone or oil based one will totally ruin them.

Keep in mind that because they are made of UR3 they are very porous and will absorb bodily fluids, lube and bacteria. To help keep them in good condition I suggest wearing a condom when you use them (though you don’t have to) which will limit the amount of fluids/bacteria that they come into contact with.

In regard to cleaning, I suggest you wash them well with either a gentle anti-bacterial soap (making sure to rinse them well) or use a good toy cleaner that will kill any bacteria without also ruining the product.

*Side note: You’ll probably notice that when you get your Pocket Pussy it will be covered in a powdery substance; this is to help keep the surface from getting sticky and/or tacky. To maintain the outer texture and appearance just dust it with either Renew powder (only $2.19) or Cornstarch. To do this simply put some on your clean hand and pat all over the masturbator.  Once it’s evenly coated (not too heavily) wrap it in the plastic bag it came in and store it in a cool, dark place for next time.

*DO NOT dust the product with Talc or Baby Powder, both can possibly cause irritation and/or may not do much to maintain the products feel or appearance.

The Bad

One of my main complaints is the packaging. Sure it’s meant for guys and therefore would follow in the footsteps of other male sex products, having an image of the person/product on the box to help bring a level of excitement, arousal and/or desire, however it’s not the most discreet and for some people that’s a big deal.

Since it’s made of UR3 it’s porous which means it requires a bit more attention than other sex toys when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. On that note, if not dusted with Cornstarch or Renew powder (pictured left) after each use it will get sticky and tacky.

Speaking of being sticky, if not treated properly it will become a lint, cat hair, fluff and dust collector in no time. My suggestion, spend the money on the Renew powder and save yourself the headache.

As for whether or not it’s an exact replica of Ashtons va-jay-jay, I really have no clue. I compared it with a picture of her here (NSFW) and it looks pretty close so I’m not going to trash on it. That in mind, I know that Fleshlight uses actual molds of the girls vaginas to make their products which is why they are so realistic.  Check out this video of Teagan Presleys mold being made.

Final Verdict

Sure, they aren’t as high in quality, nor as discreet as the ones Fleshlight make (since you don’t have the outer case to disguise them), but they do have different internal textures to offer extra stimulation,  stretch rather nicely to accommodate different size penises, retain heat nicely, come in 6 different porn star molds, are made of body safe material, feel and look pretty real, are very affordable ($12.89) and while they require a bit more care than other sex toys, they are easy to clean and should last for a quite while.

Taking all of that into consideration, I just can’t help but think they are a great option for those on a budget or anyone looking to try something new.

To get more info, purchase the product, see the Jessie Capelli, Mackenzie Lee, Chanel St.James, Sophia Rossi, Sasha Grey,  Belladonna, Brea Lynn line of pocket pussies or any of the other masturbators molded after porn stars make sure to check out where shopping is easy, discreet and most importantly, affordable!

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Review: Vixen Creations Tex Dildo

Vixen Creations Tex dildoBefore I get into the actual review I just want to express that when it comes to realistic dildos I can be rather picky: they can’t be too long or thick (I’m far from a “size queen“), must be made of pure silicone (or another quality, body safe material), can’t be flimsy or low quality, must be easy to insert, comfortable, somewhat flexible, compatible with a harness and have to feel at least slightly like the “real thing” (a term I actually hate), if not damn near perfectly close… even with everything on the market those are fairly hard shoes to fill, especially if you want all of the above.

Thankfully there’s a company that does a pretty fan-fucking-tastic job of it, with the Vixen Creations Tex dildo being just one of many.


The product comes nicely packaged in a tubular container that’s easily recyclable, and while there aren’t any images or wording to suggest what it is, the fact that the main part of the container is translucent is pretty much a dead giveaway.  Discreet? not really. Professional? sure. Inventive and fun? Hells yeah.

For those wanting a bit more discretion, you could easily peel off the brand/logo/information stickers, place a layer of colored paper inside (which would remedy the see through issue) and use it as storage for Tex, a small bottle of compatible water based lube, toy cleaning wipes and/or some condoms.

The Good

Not only does Tex look and feel ‘real’, it’s body safe, made of quality silicone, easy to care for and clean, doesn’t contain harmful phthalates, is latex free (for those with allergies), is non porous and won’t absorb lube, bacteria or bodily fluids, has a slight curve for g- spot stimulation, resists tearing, warms quickly, retains heat nicely and best of all comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty!   In a nutshell,  this dildo is a badass!!

One of the things I specifically liked about the product was the realistic appearance; from the retracted foreskin, slight wrinkling and squishy glans, to the protrusion of the urethra on the underside, it’s what I would consider a penile comparison to the realism of the Fleshlight vagina.

Being that it measures 5″ in total length and 1.75″ in width, I think pretty much anyone could take it without much fear it would hit the cervix.  As for the g-spot curve, it isn’t very extreme, just enough to offer slight stimulation while thrusting or squeezing around it.

It also works rather well in a harness due to its flared base, making it fantastic for couples that are looking for something realistic to add to their bedroom play.

Aside from being wonderfully accommodating in regard to size, Tex is flexible, has a super squishy “tip” (think head/glans of the penis), has the texture of skin and maintains a solid internal core. It’s this internal core that (for me anyways) made it very easy to insert, yet still felt soft,  supple and extremely comfortable.

On that note, part of what makes it so realistic is the use of their special VixSkin™ material an *”exclusive formula that contains a premium silicone lubricant (just like that used in the most popular silicone lubes), suspended between the molecules, giving a more realistic feel and greater elasticity” .  Quite honestly, I’ve yet to feel a product that’s as close to the “real thing” as this!

For those of you not into  the chocolate color, Tex also comes in Vanilla (light flesh color) and Caramel (medium skin tone).

Care and Cleaning

In regard to lubricants I would only suggest a good water based one that’s low in glycerin as a silicone lube would very likely ruin it. (Products this fantastic should not be ruined)

Because it’s made of non porous silicone it can be cleaned in a few ways; you can use a premium toy cleaner, mild antibacterial soap & water (making sure to rinse it well), sterilize it by running through the dishwasher or you can boil it for three minutes. Which ever way you choose to clean it, I suggest you let it air dry as it can pick up lint from a towel or cloth rather easily.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product I was at a loss, a very rare treat for me.  There is literally nothing I dislike.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a realistic, durable and extremely well made dildo, you don’t have to look much further; from his skin like texture to the the comfortable feel, ability to insert anally or vaginally, harness compatibility and superior quality, the Tex dildo by Vixen Creations has everything you need and then some.

To purchase  Tex, or any of the products within the Vixen Creations collection feel free to click any of the links below and hunt around for the best prices.

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Sexy Gifts For Couples

Maybe it’s just me but for as much as I love flowers and chocolate (and I do love chocolate), when it comes to gifts I’d much rather get something that’s fun, lasts the whole year, doesn’t die or go straight to my hips. For me, the thoughtful gift of something I could share with the person I play with (or by myself ) was always a much better option.

With that in mind, whether you’re shopping for yourself, your partner or as a couple, the following suggestions should come in very handy when it comes to this years gift giving.

If you’d prefer to shop for that special lady in your life, rather then couples gifts, I suggest you check out my post on “Gift Ideas For Her”. On that note, if you’re just looking for some fun little add-ons to a gift you’ve already purchased, my list of stocking stuffer ideas is also a good place to start , just ignore the “stocking stuffer” part and keep in mind all the products are relatively generic and not completely Christmas themed.

While I’d love if you shopped through my official online sexual wellness store, please feel free to click the links (on the right side) for other companies that may have the products offered for lower prices. To me it’s not about where you shop, it’s about helping you find a product you can afford, while also bringing hours of pleasure to you and yours.

*Prices quoted are from my store unless otherwise stated

*For more great ideas check out my “Enhancing Intimacy With Games” video/blog post.

My Joy Edible Body Paint for CouplesBody Paint & Dessert Toppings: ($2.33 – $31.73)

From glow in the dark to fruit flavored, from chocolate to graffiti inspired, when it comes to body paints you’re guaranteed to find a product you’ll like. The only suggestions I have are to look for products that don’t stain (you or the sheets), come in a variety of flavors/scents and come with everything you’ll need to use them to their full advantage. (glow in the dark and “requires a black light” are two very different things)

*Cheesy quote: “Nothing spells sexy like the words you’ll get to paint on your lovers body.” – blame Jamie for that one!

Worth trying: Sexy Lovers Graffiti Paint, Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Paint, System Jo Dona Body DrizzleGlow In The Dark Finger Paints (pictured below)

Flavored Body Art Kit Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Paint Body Drizzle Sexy Glow In The Dark Body Paint

Bath Time Fun: ($3.89 – $12.94)

Imagine the scene; you’ve just spent a grueling day at work, your boss royally pissed you off, you didn’t have time to take a break and what’s worse you got caught in the rain without your umbrella. You open the front door and find your partner has a bath full of bubbles along with a glass of bubbly waiting for you. Sure, I’ll admit it sounds corny, but its little things like this that can make all the difference in the world – if not the perfect end to a really crappy day.

*if they’re open to it, why not have them join you in the bath and unwind together.

Indulge in these: Kama Sutra Treasures of The Sea, Secrets Bath Bliss Collection, Vibrating Body Scrubber, any of the products in the Sex In The Shower line, Kama Sutra Spa Pleasures, Pulsabath Vibrating Sponge, Sex Bubbles (bubble bath)  (first 4 pictured below)

Take It Off! ( $3.89 – $221.76)

I’m putting this on the list simply because I think it’s important for everyone  to learn to embrace not only their sexuality, but also their sense of self and work toward developing a healthy self esteem.

Whether you’re “fat”, “thin”, heavy on the top, small on the bottom, shaped like a pear or round all around, learning to be comfortable in your own skin is a big ingredient to having a satisfying sex life. With this in mind, I highly suggest investing in a fun kit that has everything you need to dance away your fears and feel sexy in front of your partner.

*sure the dancing part is for him/her, but the liberating feeling of being naked and not giving a shit what you look like is all about you!

Best products I’ve found: Striptease Kit, Art of Pole Dancing (book), Strip Deja Vu (game) Stripteuse kit, Practical Striptease (book), Art of Lap Dancing (book), Striptease CD (with play money), Stripper Bucks (playful vouchers), Pastease (nipple pasties), Feather Boa, (first four pictured)

Naughty Games: ($1.13 – $50.52)

Maybe it’s just me but there is nothing more fun than the kinky foreplay a lot of adult themed board games can inspire. Whether it’s a hand of strip poker, spin of the bottle, toss of the dice or some frisky snakes and ladders, finding a game that’s easy to play and sure to add some spice to the bedroom is much easier then you think.

*For those of you that have a hard time getting your partner to engage in foreplay – a game like any of the ones I’m listing is a great way of getting them involved without having it feel forced, confusing, intimidating or overwhelming. After all – it’s just a game right? 😉

Some of my personal faves: Climaxxx (board game), Bedroom Rockstar (board game), Indecent Proposals (board game), Talk Dirty To Me Lover (board game), Dice & Dominos (various types), Sex! For Gay MenForeplay Connect (game), Sex Detention (rule game) Sex Up The Night (role playing kit), Romantic Pleasures Kit, Scratch & Win Tickets, Bumps & Grinds (board/drinking game).  (first 4 pictured below)

Sexy Books: ($7.11 – $43.41)

From what I keep hearing there seems to be a consensus that any book on the subject of sex is filled with pages of “textbook” style writing, has numerous diagrams pointing out the anatomical differences between males and females and is basically boring. Fortunately, with the influx of fantastic writers hitting the scene books on sexual topics are exciting and fun, provocative, interesting and full of neat little tips and tricks you and your partner can share.

*my tip, get a book on something you’re both into and read to each other. When you’re finished the chapter, practice the techniques you’ve learned. Better suggestion; buy a book on toys like Babelands, read through it and take each other shopping for a product you might like trying.

My faves: Sex Toys 101, 101 Places To Have Sex, Moregasm, Anal Pleasure and Health, Fetish SexForbidden Knowledge, Comics (various themes), Your Orgasmic PregnancyTouch Me There, Sex In The City (not based on the TV show), Kama Sutra, Best Gay Erotica 2010, Make Your Own Adult Video. (first 4 pictured below)

Strap-On & Feeldoe’s: ($27.72 – $125.58)

If you’re a female looking for a present you and your lady can use, or if you’re a male that’s comfortable with anal play and wants to try something new, there are lots of fantastic products that can definitely make the experience an enjoyable one.

For those of you not in the know, a Strap-On is a product that is worn via a harness and includes varying rings or a locking system for different sized dildos or vibrators. They usually offer little stimulation for the “giver”, yet provide much for the “receiver”.  Alternatively, Feeldoe’s and other strapless penetrators are products that are vaginally inserted to deliver stimulation to the person doing the thrusting while also providing the dildo needed for penetration of the partner. If both would like to have the experience of having something inserted, while allowing  a longer depth of stimulation Double Dongs are an interesting option.

Personal Suggestions: Tantus Feeldoe, Sportsheets Heart Harness Dong Set, Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit, Fun Factory Share XS, Sportsheets Thigh Harness, (first 4 pictured below)

Romantic Ideas: ($14.06 – $158.40)

So sex toys aren’t your thing and your partner would prefer to spend a romantic weekend alone, no problem with all of the fantastic kits and gift sets that come out for Valentines Day you’ve got oodles and oodles to choose from.

On that note, in a long forgotten time, way before Jamie and I were together my partner surprised me with the complete Lovers Choice Fantasy Gift Suite including: warming massage oil, chocolate body paint with brush, champagne flutes, a champagne bucket, two satin robes, one thousand scented silk rose petals, three pillar candles, fifty tealights, the Amazing Hot Heart Massager, a romantic music CD, and a full color romance guide – if I said it was literally everything and anything you could dream of – that would be an understatement. While it was a tad pricey, it was definitely worth it! (pictured left)

*Keep in mind these make fantastic wedding/anniversary gifts!!

Fantastic Finds: Kama Sutra Weekender Kit, forget the typical box of chocolate and get your lovely a Kama Sutra Sweetheart Box (filled with chocolate flavored goodies!), Shunga Tenderness and Passion Set, Deluxe Bed Of Roses Kit Lovers Choice Romantic Essentials Kit, Kama Sutra Treasure Trove (either flavor/scent) Sensual Desires Kit, Shunga Carnal Pleasures Collection, Kama Sutra Oil Collection (first 4 pictured below)

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How To Put On A Condom

Sex Ed 102: How To Put On A Condom

Since the #1 complaint I hear regarding condoms is that they ‘spoil the mood’ I think it’s very important to practice putting them on properly (and taking them off properly) as it’ll help to make the moment move a lot smoother and quicker.

When it comes to practicing I think the best advice is to go with the flow; if you masturbate use that time to practice putting on a condom, masturbate with it on (which will get you used to the sensation) and then take it off following the directions on the box.

While it might be a bit of a pain in the ass, and maybe a mood kill, when it comes to the actual moment of intercourse all the planning and prepping will go a long way for saving you from embarrassment or potentially doing it wrong.
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Shop Online For Sex Toys

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