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Review: Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Bunny Tail Butt PlugI really shouldn’t need an excuse or reason to review the Bunny Tail Butt Plug, after all… IT’S. A. BUNNY. TAIL. BUTT. PLUG. But with Easter upon us, I just couldn’t resist taking advantage of the holiday, or the abundance of potential photo props it brings. What can I say, it certainly helped egg me on. See what I did there? I digress.

Based on the look and feel found within the 2002 hardcore (and I do mean hardcore) BDSM porn flick, Fashionistas, this plug is just one of many found within the collection.  Truthfully, I’ve never really been much of a fan of Icon Brands or the products they produce, for the most part you’ll find jelly items I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole or my vagina, beyond obnoxious PVC replicas of male pornstar schlongs, and lots of other questionable merchandise, but the Fashionistas line is where they seem to have gotten it right; the materials are comparable to many other high end sex toys, the appearance is elegant yet striking, and the quality is definitely there. If only they could bring everything else up to par.


Although the thin plastic box feels cheap, the outer appearance is anything but; purple, black, and gold tones combine with a slightly Gothic font to create a sophisticated theme. It’s cute but brazen, classy but playful, professional yet edgy, and respectfully dark, offering an element of intrigue without coming off as campy or cheesy. Set in the center of the box is a peek-a-boo window showcasing the bunny tail in all its fluffy glory.

While it’s not the most discreet, the choice of wording isn’t as hardcore as one would expect with a product like this. Considering how intense the movie was, and the fact that most BDSM products come displayed in themes that are often all-out-balls-to-the-wall-freakish, I can’t help but be impressed with the choice to remain minimal. I’d thank the success of 50 Shades of Gray for that, but I hated the book. So I wont.

The sides of the box are rather boring, sporting nothing but the ” Fashionistas” emblem. The back provides a brief description along with pictures of other products within the line.  I’m personally loving the design found on the handle of the Fashionistas Whip. Located within the box sits a clear plastic tray whose center is cut to perfectly cradle the plug. If you want a tail that retains its shape later I suggest holding onto this piece for storage. Trust me on this.

Packing: Front

Fashionistas Butt Plug Packaging

Packing: Back

Fashionistas Bunny Plug Packaging


Fashionistas Packaging Bunny Plug

Packing: Side

The Good

When first glancing the Fashionistas Bunny Tail Butt Plug I can’t help but notice the slight resemblance to the Tantus lil Flirt (pictured lower right), however there are some considerable differences setting them drastically apart; the bunny tail is heavier and thicker, has absolutely no flexibility, squish or give (it’s glass, duh), has a round base, and for anyone that wants to be a bunny (who doesn’t!?), sprouting from the base are a plume of feathers, that when fluffed, beget the appearance of a bunny tail. And yes, it does surprisingly look like a bunny tail once in place. *insert smart assy comment about bunny tails and butt sex here*.

Putting it to use is simple, as the combination of rounded tip, seamless design, tapered body, and sleek glass makes insertion damn near effortless, sliding into place without any discomfort or force. Then, once inserted, the bulging middle creates a comfortably full feeling, while also acting as something for the muscles to grasp, holding it in place satisfactorily. On that note, if you’ve found that thinner plugs slide or pop out of place during use, you may want to consider graduating up a size or grabbing something made of glass… for as much as I love my Tantus Lil Flirt, it just doesn’t cut it anymore, constantly leaving my ass frustrated by its inability to remain in place, not to mention wanting by the lack in girth. The bunny tail fills those voids nicely, while also adding a noticeable amount of weight that’s reminiscent of another plug I love. And just like that, my ass is happy once again.

Regarding total size, from tip of the feathers to the base of the plug, you’re looking at between 7″ inches and 8″ inches. The difference being dependent on the length of the feathers, and whether or not they get wet/ruined by lube over time. The 3″ inches that are insertable are pretty standard, though the 4″ inch circumference and 2″ diameter may be a little overwhelming for some. Don’t let that last little bit fool you, by no means is this a large plug. I’d call it a comfortable medium, though that statement is admittedly subjective.  For those that feel it’ll come up short, there’s also a large bunny tail butt plug to contend with.

One of the things I have always loved about glass toys is how well they work for those that want to explore with temperature play; simply place the body of the plug (not the feathers) in warm or cool water, give them 10 – 15 seconds to retain the temperature and enjoy. While this may not be ideal for some during anal use, there will be those that find the added sensations rather enjoyable.

I know there are going to be quite a few of you that are looking at it and thinking ‘glass in my ass? No way!’, just let me state for the record that glass has quite a few benefits; it’s non-porous so you never have to worry about it absorbing bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, it’s naturally latex and phthalate free, is hypoallergenic, works with any kind of lubricant, and slips into place as if it’s meant to be there. Everything considered, I’m always surprised glass toys still haven’t gone more mainstream; they’re far better than any porous jelly product you’d cram in your ass without thinking twice about how gross and unsafe they are (jelly, I mean).

You’re also probably going to assume that because the plugs are made of glass they might be a tad dangerous; so long as you don’t drop them or slam them against a wall I (but really, why would you be doing that?!) they will hold up to quite a bit of wear and tear. Trust me, I should know – I’ve accidentally dropped all of mine a couple times now and not one has a chip or crack in it.

size comparison

tail base

bunny tail vs flirt

fluffy tail

The Bad

For as much as I love the idea of having a temporary bunny tail held in place by my ass, there are a few major flaws I can’t overlook…

Sadly, the design of opaque black tapered plug is fairly basic, with almost no defining features differentiating it from other glass plugs on the market. Yes, the inclusion of a silvery etched fairy frolicking in the flowers/filigree is a seemingly cute touch, but the reason for it escapes me. A killer bunny or poisoned carrot may have been better, at minimum it would have been consistent with the dark theme. Then again, I haven’t seen the complete film yet (the 7 minute masked Belladonna bj scene was enough for one day), so it’s safe to say maybe I’m missing something. Though I doubt it. Fortunately the etching isn’t something that detracts from the smoothness of the glass, you can feel it when running fingers along the length of the plug, but during insertion it’s virtually non-existent.

Any contact with lube, especially silicone, will leave the feathers looking, in a word, ruined (as pictured below). Sadly there is no easy fix for this, it’s a veritable catch 22; since the ass doesn’t self lubricate you can’t use anal toys without lube, however during insertion, it’s almost impossible not to touch the feathers since they’re so close to the base. See where I’m going with this? It’s disappointing to say the least.

Speaking of lube, one of the only issues I have with glass toys is how slippery they get once lube is introduced. Sure, it’s great when it comes to insertion, but it makes removal a pain in the ass. No pun intended. Not only will you likely find yourself grasping at the base like your life depended on it, but you’ll also likely find your fingers haphazardly slip sliding around in a vain attempt to maintain control. And herein lies the problem, no matter how hard you try, you’ll be tempted to grab at those fluffy quills and yank with all your might. Giving into my temptations I did just that, finding myself left with a fistful of fluff. Fortunately the actual quills and majority of feathers remained intact, but that isn’t to say that will always be the case… and was basically how I ended up ruining my fluffy tail with silicone lube. Now it looks more like roadkill. FML.

In case you didn’t know feathers can, and often do, retain scent. Oh, did I forget to mention they can’t really be washed either?  Draw your own conclusions from that. Yeah, good times.

Finally, and this won’t be the case for everyone, if you’re used to thinner products or haven’t yet explored with anal play, the combination of rigid glass and size may be a bit uncomfortable.  If this is the case get yourself something smaller and a bit flexible like the Vixen Creations Buddy Butt Plug, Tantus Lil Flirt, or Small Ripple, follow my advice when it comes to Beginners Butt Play, and take your sweet ass time. That time the pun was intended.

Care & Cleaning

Cleaning the plug is pretty simple, especially since it’s glass; just give it a gentle wash with soap and water, or use toy cleaner. Just keep in mind that exposing the feathers to water, or any form of liquid for that matter, will probably ruin them. If you must, and I mean absolutely must, you can give them a swipe with gentle baby wipes or moist towelettes, blot them with a soft towel, and leave them to completely air dry. Once dry, place the entire plug in a box or container that allows it to retain its shape, otherwise, you’ll likely end up with a flat bunny tail that’s a shadow of its former self.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day the Fashionistas Bunny Tail Butt Plug is a cute concept that somehow managed to fall a little flat.  The plug itself is beautifully designed, and though the fairy etching seems a little out of place, the overall look and feel is one I can certainly appreciate. It sits on the brink of tacky without ever fully venturing over the line.

The piece de resistance, being the bunny tail, will be great for those that love petplay, just remember to keep every fluffy inch away from fluids and you should be fine. Otherwise, it’ll probably look like you stuck roadkill in yer butt. And we all know how not sexy that is.  Did I just cross the line? Meh, you should expect that from me by now.

For more info, or to check out all of the products within the Fashionistas line, head over to FunWares and tell them Kara_Sutra sent you.

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First Time Sex: Erection Issues

premature-264x300Question :


I’ve just recently found your videos and I’m hooked! You’re adorable and so fun to watch. But anyway, I was hoping you could help me out with a problem I’m having.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over 2 months now. And in those two months we’ve done pretty much everything but intercourse. Keep in mind we’re both virgins. Today we both decided to take the next step and have sex. Well that did not work out at all.

Penis erect, condom on, attempt to insert… and fail.
It just would not go in. And then… erection gone.

I knew I’d be tight so we even agreed that he would kind of prep me with one finger… then two.  But even just two fingers is tight. He WAS having a problem keeping it up (not the norm for him) Maybe nerves? So it maybe could have been hard but not hard enough? Could the addition of lube helped at all?

Any advice would be great.



First of all thanks for watching my vids!!

As for the questions, what you went through is completely normal.  I hear it all the time so dont be too worried.

For your part, the fingering was a very good idea and usually helps. It may have been that you were nervous and tensed up when he went to insert his penis, causing you to “tighten” up. It could also be that you werent “wet” enough for an “easy” insertion. For next time you may want to do what you did previously with the fingering, add some lube and try to relax. Dont let this be something that makes you nervous or scared, instead make it something that is enjoyable and exciting.

As for his part, he was probably very nervous about “failing” you. There seems to be a huge difference when it comes to males and females and sexually pleasing their partners. Women aren’t expected to do very much, or so it seems, however there is a lot of pressure placed on males to “perform” and have their partner orgasm. (By the way, if you don’t have an orgasm during intercourse it’s completely normal, that may just come in time) For him this was/is going to be a defining moment of his “manhood”, and there is a lot to go wrong.

  • He could go soft
  • He could orgasm too soon
  • He could go on for too long
  • He could be too big and it could hurt you
  • He could be too small and not enough to please you
  • He could get it in but then not know what to do with it
  • Not to mention the list of other fears/doubts/anxiety that go through a males head.

When it comes to sex, especially first time sex, there is so much to think about. The best advice I can give is to be supportive and let him know that it’s okay no matter what happens and that when it’s meant to happen it will. Let him know that if he goes soft it’s normal, especially for the first time, and that you don’t judge him for it.

Also in the future, if he does go soft you can always do other things to help him regain his erection like give him oral sex or manual stimulation (hand job). Or if he’s willing to wait it out, you can have him stimulate you until he is ready again.

If you’d like a better understanding of what’s going on, and possibly some products that might be helpful, I suggest giving these articles a read:


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